Step Aside World! Habida is BACK (Teaser)

If you follow her on instagram, then you already know that this singer has been on quite the re-invention journey.

Welcoming us more into her world via a series of videos she posts, Habida is very much the girl next door…. you know…. if the girl next door was hot and could sing!

Before I let you sample her latest project (rather, a teaser of it), allow me to take you down memory lane and show you just when it was that we all got to know her from…

Years after that and she stayed on our airwaves with other sultry singles including ‘My Reason’, ‘Sweet Love’, and bangers ‘Girls Night Out’ and ‘Lights Up’.

Habida who along the line got married, went hush for a while and was said to have been in South Africa at some point where despite the odds, she furthered her career.

Well she’s back!

Ready to slay all through 2018, this singer teased an upcoming EP with various posts, bearing hash tags #habidaisback #habidareborn and it looks like it’s ready for pre-order.

Habida will be on the Ignition show later today (5th of January) to talk about this much anticipated EP and to release a single called ‘Searching’, which she’s so far teased on IG. Check it out.

Searching is from that EP and our best guest is that this music projects sheds some light on just what Habida was up to during her brief hiatus.

Camp Mulla Confirm Sophomore Album

After they debuted their comeback at the much talked about Tekno concert, Camp Mulla music is something we are all on edge to hear.

 camp-mulla ttt

During their interview with The Jump Off, Hype Master creator Tele and Epic Nation head honcho Creme de la Creme teased a possible album but the crew of four have conformed the project via an instagram post of theirs that was captioned; 

“Thank you Nairobi, and this is not the last time you’re seeing us!! We are linking up again to give you a second album.” @taiotriiipper

This album will be a follow up to their 2012 EP ‘Funky Town’ which featured iconic singles including ‘Fresh All Day’, ‘Addicted’ and ‘Party Don’t Stop’. This was also the year that Camp Mulla were top for a BET Award in the Best International Act (Africa) category. 

5 Years after that, Camp Mulla members have definitely changed but as for whether we will fall in love with their subsequent singles, is something we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves. Here’s the video that carried that caption.

Nyashinski Closing In on 2 Million YouTube Views

It was the jam that was part of a double release from this former Kleptomaniacs emcee who made his comeback to the scene a cool year back with the jam ‘Now You Know’.

Nyashinski keeps showing us his versatility by featuring on jams that showcase both his vocal prowess as well as the rap skills we came to know and love from Klepto’s hit song ‘Tuendelee’, and that is precisely what he did by releasing ‘Aminia’ and ‘Malaika’ on the same day. 

The crazy thing is, in Aminia he predicts getting to over a million YouTube views which he went on to actually achieve with ‘Malaika’ and while Aminia (the lyric video) keeps getting closer to being the first Kenyan lyric video to get a 1 million views, its looking like ‘Malaika’ is also to looking to beat its record twice over.

The single whose video is a moving story of love, is getting quite the reception in East Africa, even being recently featured on Tanzanian model and actress Wema Sepetu’s instagram post.

The video to ‘Malaika’ as of today (July 24th July) has one million, seven hundred and something views. 

Ray C’s Incredible Bounce-Back In New Photos

If her 2016 goal was to get back to the star we knew her to be, then Ray C can go ahead and cross that out.

(Ray C before)


Rehab and a weight loss agenda later, this Bongo femcee looks absolutely stunning in a series of photos which she put up on her instagram.



ray-c-red  ray-c-candles

Ray C whose battle with addiction has been anything but secret, is said to be planning quite the comeback and judging from these photos, that’ll be a comeback worth waiting for.




Fans React To a Possible Femi 1 and Njeri Rap Battle

Femi 1 released ‘Pilau Njeri’ a couple of days ago and it has so far been the center of many conversations, the most major one being will Njeri release a comeback.

Not that it seems like she will. The ‘Nduta’ femcee has been handling Femi 1’s legion of fans with an almost sarcastic lightheartedness, revealing in one tweet that she (to put it in other words) might have 99 problems but Femi is not 1…. (See what I did there?)

Well we put it to the fans to decide, in an online post of our own where we wanted to find out, who you would bet your money on, if these rappers were to go off on each other in a rap battle.

Check it out;

Femi 1 clearly has a loyal fan-base and from what I know, Njeri is all about corporate endorsements featuring on multiple advertisements so, a comeback may be unlikely.

Check out ‘Pilau Njeri’ on our New Music Segment and catch Njeri at Industry Nite’s ‘Queens of the Mic’ edition.

Oh and in case you didn’t follow the entire beef, here’s the jam that sparked the fire.

Mr. Nice Is Preparing This Major Comeback But Will It Succeed?

He is best known as the artist with the dance about chicken on bicycles. You know the one right? 

Mr. Nice was a massive star back in the day which is a long way from what he is now. Having been signed to Kenyan label before and failing to deliver on the much anticipated comeback, the star took a bit of a break but is soon to return.

As reported by Bongo5, Mr. Nice by way of partnership with Soko Bay INT LTD, will be going on a year long music tour during what time he will tour all 47 counties. 

Will it work? I sure hope so. 

This will certainly not be his first attempt at reclaiming his glory but we have definitely given him the chance to if this tour is already a done deal.

Got to admire his resilience though.

Do We Care? LL Cool J to Step Back In the Game

Last year gave us back Dr. Dre and Missy. This year? Well Timberland is back at it and so is LL Cool J.

Besides his iconic body and sensual lips (yeah remember them ladies?), Cool J was a chart topping artist who gave us unforgettable jams like ‘I need love’.

I don’t mind a comeback from him especially after he dropped that freestyle he’d done on an unreleased Dr. Dre beat that garnered close to 5 million views on YouTube.

LL Cool J had teased on twitter that he was about to retire with a tweet that read ‘Today I officially retired from music. Thank you for the love.’only to quickly unretired just hours after writing this tweet to his fans;

“Today I’m officially coming out of retirement. And starting a new album .. studio time is set for 8pm.. I’m gonna massacre the rap game!!!” 

So. Are we excited? Do we care?…