Cassper Nyovest Opens 2018 As First ROTW Of The Year

There will be 51 more ROTWs (Records of the Week) to come during 2018 but they will all have been preceded by the Cassper Nyovest single ‘Baby Girl’.

Featuring as this year’s first big banger, Cassper Nyovest a.k.a Mr. Fill Up The Dome, reigned through the first week with his single ‘Baby Girl’, which is from his Thuto album.

The grape vines spun rumors that the uptempo Afro-beat single was meant to feature Wizkid and while there may still be plans to get this Naija music icon on a remix to the track later in the year, ‘Baby Girl’ is undoubtedly one of people’s most favorite singles from that album.

With a Ciroc deal under his belt, Cassper Nyovest is definitely one of Africa’s finest, and in case you hadn’t watched the Vanessa Mdee featured video to that song, here you go.

Cassper Nyovest Breaks The Internet Once More With His #CassperNyovestChallenge

I guess the year couldn’t end without one more challenge and how great to see that it’s African generated. 

From filling out a dome to filling out stadiums, Cassper has shown that his level is one most artists would only dream about.

This South African rapper has one of the most interactive social media pages and he not too long ago (whether unknowingly or otherwise) set off a new internet craze after he posted a picture of himself standing astride on top of two cars.


Soon, that grew inspired a lot more people to copy him in what is now a collection of hilarious posts. 

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Cassper Nyovest and AKA Call a Truce (Pic)

Theirs has been one of African hip hop’s most talked about beefs so imagine the waves that Cassper Nyovest and AKA hugging would cause.

Well it happened!

Cassper who broke yet another hip hop record by being the first African hip hop artist to fill up an entire stadium being as a headlining act did it again this weekend and AKA was on ground to show his support.

The ‘Levels’ rapper surprised a number of his fans when he woke up to show support for Cassper’s Orlando Stadium performance tweeting;

Good Morning! This is the day the lord has made. @casspernyovest, today is your day. Good luck & God bless.

Cassper replied saying;

Thanks for the well wishes. God bless

A photo of the two hugging and appearing to be in great spirits then surfaced online, putting the final nail on the coffin belonging to their long lasting beef.


Uh Oh! Cassper Nyovest VS Kanye West: Who Did THIS First?

That’s right. It’s Cassper Nyovest versus Kanye West and it’s got everything to do with a stage.


What am I talking about? It all started in Edmonton Canada when during his concert, Kanye went on a rant about how an unnamed artist (assumed to be Cassper) stole the idea of performing from a “levitating” stage.

“This (is) the original, accept no imitations! You with the rap God, right now. N****s be copying our sh*t bro. Stealing our shit, stealing our stages. Copying our shit one-to-one,” 

Never mind that Cassper did the same thing a entire year ago as a surprise for fans that turned up for his record breaking #FillUpTheDome concert.

The South Africa based super star has since responded by re-iterating that it was his idea first adding that it’s an honor to have done it before Kanye.


LANES! Cassper Nyovest Launches His Own Cellphone

Whether you think Cassper Nyovest is really dope when it comes to (South) African Hip Hop or not, the one thing you cannot deny is that he makes moves and he’s recognized for it!

From filling The Dome with 20,000 people give or take and being the first ever South African artist to ever do so, to being on his next mission to fill Orlando Stadium which has a capacity of 40,000 people, being the first South African artist to be verified on Instagram (yes, this is also an achievement) to now launching his own phone!

The rapper teamed up with AG Mobile (sponsors for his Fill The Dome concert) and MTN to lauch a phone called AG#Hashtag which was inspired by Nyovest. They have been working on it for 9 months and the phone is now available!

It doesn’t end there. Cassper will also be flying out later today to headline his first show in the US. If those aren’t moves, I don’t know what else to call them.

AKA Finally Hits Back at Cassper Nyovest’s “Dust2Dust” Diss Track

When Cassper Nyovest dropped his Dust2Dust diss track a few weeks back, time stopped, the sun fell out of the sky and food hasn’t tasted the same since!

OK, none of that happened. But it was a pretty intense diss track all the same. The minute it dropped, we all waited for AKA to hit back; and FINALLY he has done so.

During a visit to Metro FM’s Touchdown Show, AKA dropped a freestyle with a couple of punchlines directed at his nemesis. He rapped:

“I don’t really wanna talk about the beef much / Or the reason your security is beefed up.”

Nah AKA, you’ve got to come harder than that!