Nav Makes a Debut On ROTW With ‘Wanted You’

It’s US rapper Nav’s first stay at the ROTW (Record of the Week) but this will be Lil Uzi’s fourth feature on it having had a successful two time run with his own singles and once on Migos’s ‘Bad and Boujee’.

Complex magazine dubbed him, ‘first brown boy to get it poppin’, describing him as ‘brown’ presumably due to his Indian descent and one striking thing about him is his close resemblance to DJ Khaled. Am I wrong?

Khaled actually co-produced this ROTW (Wanted You) alongside producers Ben Billions and Cash so while we enjoy bumping to yet ‘another one’ from this music maestro, here’s a bit more about Nav.

Born and raised in Canada (to two Indian parents), Nav would create music mash ups in high school, later deciding to create his own beats, which is where his road to fame started.

“I became, like, pretty much the coolest kid in high school because I had started making beats for local rappers,”

Fast forward to today, this fast rising rapper is creating waves with this ‘Wanted You’ single which features Trap Icon Lil Uzi Vert, a song where Nav raps about falling for the wrong kind of girl.

It takes over from Jacquees and Dej Loaf as ROTW this week, here’s a look at Wanted You.


Creative Ways To Make More Money Than You Are Making Right Now

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That didn’t quite impress you? Let’s keep on moving. Aside from milking the internet dry, we can take an example of some of the people who have risen up from nothing to one of the most respectable people in their particular skill sets and a good example of this is Lupita Nyong’o. College degrees are not the only thing that gets you paid because with some good talent, a reasonable plan and a strong team around you, you can bring in some solid cash. Even though some people made fun of Lupita’s very dark skin color when she first started to appear on our screens as an actor, Lupita rose above everything and went on to win one of the most coveted awards (an Oscar) , be named the most beautiful woman in the world by People magazine and now she has an estimated net worth of fifty million Kenya shillings. You go Lupita!

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Talent pays and it pays big. If you are into sports, you can get some inspiration from the story of Victor Wanyama, The Kenyan footballer who has risen up from the ghetto to the highest paid Kenyan footballer and the first ever Kenyan footballer to play in the EPL. Infarct, he was so good Southampton paid a whooping 12 million pounds to buy him from Celtic. This is what it means to turn your hobby into cash.

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Be creative with your money making ways and turn not only your hobbies but also your talent into some serious cash because let’s face it, white collar jobs are not the only jobs that pay.