Nicki Minaj aka Miss King Kong Gets On ROTW With ‘Chun Li’

Whether the assumed beef between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B is real, Nicki Minaj only just released a few songs right at the time when Cardi B seems to be enjoying her rise to fame and the success of her album ‘Invasion of Privacy’, and one of those jams has just enjoyed a week’s airplay as Record of the Week (ROTW).

Referring to herself as a worldly popular video game character Chun Li, Nicki Minaj definitely delivers on ‘Chun Li’, talking up her musical success in lyrics that go…

Ayo, look like I’m goin’ for a swim
Dunk on ’em, now I’m swingin’ off the rim
Bitch ain’t comin’ off the bench
While I’m comin’ off the court fully drenched
Here, get some haterade, get ya thirst quenched
Styled on ’em in this Burberry trench
These birds copy every word, every inch
But gang gang got the hammer and the wrench (brrr)
I pull up in that quarter milli off the lot
Oh, now she tryna be friends like I forgot
Show off my diamonds like I’m signed by the Roc
Ain’t pushin’ out his babies ’til he buy the rock


This track came out almost at the same time as her Beats 1 Radio interview with Zane Lowe who got Nicki to talk about her beef with Cardi B, to which the rapper said; 

“The first interview she did, it just hurt me because she looked so aggravated and angry. She just kept saying she didn’t hear it…I was like, What? ….Up until this recent interview she did, I had never seen her show me genuine love in an interview,”

Well Chun Li is clearly Nicki’s statement that she really is back and what’s more, Nicki may have just made history for its music video which is filmed entirely in selfie mode.



Cardi B’s Album Title Is Far From What You Expected (Revealed)

We were all trying to guess the title of Cardi B’s upcoming album and some of us (me, I mean) failed terribly!

The “Bodak Yellow” hit maker revealed the artwork and title of her highly anticipated album via social media captioning:

“My album cover !!! LADIES AND GENTS ! My album INVASION OF PRIVACY will be out next week April 6!!!!!!!

The amazing artwork finds Cardi looking all bad-ass in a short and wavy yellow wig, white cat-eye sunglasses, and a black-and-white outfit while licking her teeth.

Invasion of Privacy has already spawned two hits, including the chart-topping hit record “Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)” and gold-certified single “Bartier Cardi.”

Cardi B Announces Album Release Date


Cardi B has finally announced the release date for her debut album.

The ‘Bodak Yellow’ hitmaker made the big announcement while accepting the Best New Artist award at Sunday’s iHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles.

“My album will be coming in April, okurr!” she told the crowd. “Yes, sir, April. Stay tuned, motherfu**ers.”

In addition to winning Best New Artist, Cardi opened the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards with some of her biggest hits, plus an appearance from G-Eazy.

The success of her tracks made her the first female artist in history to have five of the top 10 hits on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart in a single week since the list began in 1958.

Cardi’s clearly making some major money moves.

Bruno Mars and Cardi B Bring Back The 90s On The ROTW

Bruno Mars more than proved that he is the king of timeless classics with his ’24K Magic’ collection but he’s more than killed it with his Cardi B collabo ‘Finesse’ (Remix).

Finesse (Remix) which is (as the name suggests) a remake of a Bruno Mars original is sure to give anyone that nostalgic feeling of being back in the 90s with everything from the choreography, to the perfect portrayal of how life in the 90s really was in technicolor and an unforgettable  chorus.

We out here drippin’ in finesse
It don’t make no sense
Out here drippin’ in finesse
You know it, you know it
We out here drippin’ in finesse
It don’t make no sense
Out here drippin’ in finesse
You know it, you know it

The jam which was debuted on DJ Burn’s ‘Fresh Air’ show which airs on Wednesday mid mornings has featured on Record of the Week, which is not a first for neither Bruno Mars nor Cardi B, who’ve both had their own singles feature there.

Whats more, the ‘Finesse’ video borrows from 90s sitcom ‘Fresh Prince’ and whether by sheer coincidence or not, it dropped just days after Fresh Prince star Will Smith, joined Instagram for the first time.

Here’s the video!

Cardi B’s Reign Continues! Check Out Her Bruno Mars Collabo

I read a quote on instagram last year that read…. “May 2018 be as good for you as 2017 was to Cardi B’.

Definitely made for a hilarious new year’s message but isn’t that true?

I mean Cardi B seemed to have come out of nowhere with her ‘Bodak Yellow’ single, capturing all our attention with a long stay at number one with that particular single.

This former reality TV show star had been recording and putting out mix-tapes long before that, but what has been most impressive about her is her continuity.

Unlike other artists to have enjoyed a fast catapult to the top of the industry, (like Korean star Psy with ‘Gangnam Style’), Cardi B has so far managed to clutch onto the top spot, getting featured on Migos’s single ‘Motor Sport’ and releasing three of her own singles, including this Bruno Mars collaboration.

Featuring on this 24K Magic star’s single ‘Finesse’ Cardi B is clearly looking to cement her place as one of this generation’s top rated artist.

As for whether or not Cardi B is doing at good job at that, (at cementing her place in the ‘book of legends’)… we’d say she’s well on her way given this post that Bruno Mars shared on his social media, describing her. It read…

I met cardi B at 3 am after my show in LA backstage where we recorded her verse for Finesse. She walked in the room and she was everything I’d hope she’d be. Never change cardi! Don’t let this crazy music business change who you are. You posses something that can’t be taught. You’re a true star. Thank you for putting your energy and love all over this record and video. I hope you feel better soon because we got some celebrating to do. Everyone show ya love for the one and only CARDI B! 👏👏👏👏 #Finesse


Taking It Back! Biggest Stories To Have Come Out In 2017

Despite having been a politically fueled year, 2017 was without a doubt one of music’s biggest years with the release of a major album from Jay Z,…

a Busta Rhymes fire comeback that saw him embrace his Jamaican background and feature Tory Lanez and dancehall legend Vybz Kartel,…..

the youngest Jump Off Freshman class yet #NuLifeKe ….


and of course, the reign of Cardi B.

In fact, there were so many different and entertaining things that happened.


I mean Femi One fully embraced her sexy in 2017….





Khaligraph Jones got accused of ‘bleaching his skin’ and responded to Vera Sidika’s comments about it via a freestyle in 2017…

Chipukeezy apologized to Kenyan Hollywood star Christine Wawira after lying about what really happened during his meet and greet with Kevin Hart.


Kenyan artists proved their prowess by releasing viral music videos that garnered millions of views in a matter of weeks including….

Octopizzo’s ‘TBT’

and Nyashinski’s ‘Malaika’.

Our artists also pushed the boundaries of raunchiness releasing sizzling visuals like Sauti Sol’s black women appreciation video for ‘Melanin’.

And collaborations came in numbers, some with fellow Kenyan starts and others (like is the case with Victoria Kimani) were collaborations with Grammy awarded superstars.

Along with sexy singles and dope coallabos, 2017 was also the year of the ultimate comebacks with beloved Kenyan music group Camp Mulla, dropping while re-uniting on stage at the Jameson Party.

See what we mean? 2017 was definitely jam packed with great news and new music which only leads us to anticipate an even bigger year this 2018.

Migos Get Back On #ROTW with ‘Stir Fry’

They have featured on ROTW quite a few times and while it’s their unmistakable rhythm and flow that we know and love them for, the Migos trio definitely push their limits with this Pharrell produced banger.

That’s right. You had me at Pharrell produced.

Migos who are constantly on the entertainment news scene, most recently when Offset decided to ‘make an honest woman out of Cardi B’, worked on ‘Stir Fry’, the jam with iconic lyrics such as …

“I get money, tunnel vision, through my third eye”

And a jam that samples what describe as polyrhythms—bongos, cricket-like whistles, clicking trap hi-hats, and slowed-down snares from another funky jam called ‘Champ’ by Mowhawks.

Well hot on the heels of their last ROTW feature which was Cardi B and Nicki Minaj featured ‘Motor Sport’, here’s Migos’s ‘Stir Fry’.

Cardi B Makes History

Cardi B has made history!

Bardi has become the first female rapper ever to land her first three Hot 100 entries in the top 10, thanks to the Migos and Nicki Minaj-assisted “MotorSport,” which peaks this week at No. 6.

This adds up to “Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)” which topped the charts G-Eazy and A$AP Rocky’s “No Limit” at No 10.

Cardi is the sixth female rapper to notch three Hot 100 top 10s, after Nicki Minaj (15), Missy Elliott (9), Eve and Lil’ Kim (4), and Iggy Azalea (3).

Cardi B is now working on her album as well as a new single “Cardier Cardi”.

5 Steps To Determine a Record Of The Week

It’s the creme de la creme of music jams that play out on radio each week.

The Record of the Week is a coveted spot on our airwaves and each week, a brand new mission to find and ‘crown’ a jam as ROTW begins.

It’s a tradition that we have carried out for the better part of a decade and I now outline five of what are clearly the most obvious factors to consider before choosing and naming a ROTW.

Please note: The process of picking a ROTW is a combined effort and a process that involves a number of the station’s producers.

That said, these five factors have been created and outlined as perceived by the writer (Rae Kiragu).

(In no particular order)

Must be a certified banger.

I mean just looking at the previous ROTW jams, (queue Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow, Octopizzo’s ‘TBT’ and Busta Rhymes’ ‘Girlfriend’), it is clear that an ROTW must appeal to a large number of people.

Has got to be new.

ROTW singles have often been as new as music that has only just been released. Never in the history of ROTW has there been a jam older than a week, to be put up as Record of the Week.

Is not limited to any genre.

Definitely one of the most versatile elements to this feature is that it can literally be a single from any genre. We’ve had Kenyan jams be ROTW, dancehall singles be ROTW, Hip Hop Jams be ROTW, heck, we’ve even had House music jams be ROTW. Just as long as they are bangers.

Must be representative of our brand voice.

I think it goes without saying that HBR is widely hip hop and urban. It therefore follows that our ROTW, irrespective of what genre it comes from should also be a good representation of this urban culture. I mean can you possibly imagine waking up to a rhumba ROTW on HBR?

It helps if it’s a trend setter.

In ROTW history, we’ve noted that most trend-setting jams have found their way up there. These include hits that introduce a new dance like the Nae Nae or the Dab.


Those are only five factors that determine a ROTW. Remember you can check out all ROTW jams from here.

Superstars Join The Hilarious ‘For That D*#k’ Challenge

It’s happening.

Every so often, a hilarious social media challenge goes viral so, taking over from the ‘Harlem Shake’, The ‘Trump is Coming’ and the more recent ‘running man’ (which even we at HBR did), is the #ForThatD*#k Challenge.

As its name suggests, this challenge is a series of short videos of people (mostly ladies) showing how far they would go for that d*#k in hilarious freestyles.

That’s right. Might just be what you need to make today an actual hump day. (Get it? Cause it’s actually Wednesday).

This #ForThatD*#k challenge has so far attracted some big names in the industry including Hollywood big shots Issa Rae and Regina Hall who tag teamed on theirs, spotting ridiculous lyrics like;

“I go hard for the d–k
drop my black card for the d–k
scream on my mama for the d–k
re-elect Obama for the d–k”


“I might start a war for the d–k
Kim Jong make ‘em say Un for the d–k
cancel HBO for the d–k
b–ch not no more for the d–k.”

Yeah and if you think that foolery was top notch, wait till you watch Erykah Badu whose video has garnered over a million views on instagram.

Her freestyle included lyrics about fighting hurricanes and flying missiles. Whats more, she went ahead to tag team with comedian Michael Blackson, which made it all the more hilarious and which included a reference to Kevin Hart’s recent infidelity scandal. Check it out;

I aint doin shit for da d–k• Licky Lik for da d–k•. Give up my window seat for da d-k• fuck it I’ll eat meat for da d–k• fight hurricane Maria for da d–k• ride a missile from Korea for da d–k• let him call me a ho FTD• baby daddy number 4 FTD• Buck a bitch in the head FTD• Fuck WOKE. I’m 💀 FTD• Suck it down to da bone FTD• let him use MY phone FTD• Motorola FTD• fuck Micheal Blackson -EBOLA FTD• caught on tape … MIKE: …not smart for da pussy • cheat on my wife-Kevin Hart for da pussy •I’ll eat Pork FTP•I’ll skip court FTP• I’ll bleach my skin FTP• fuck a Siamese twins FTP• pledge allegiance to the flag 🇱🇷FTP• fuck a bitch on the rag FTP…


And with that many stars jumping on the #ForThatD*#k challenge, you bet this has now become a viral sensation.

Heck. Even Cardi B who’s Billboard’s current number 1 Top 100 artist dropped some bars and got 4 million views on it!

How far would she go for that d–k? Apparently as far as to sell out her family to the Illuminati. Watch!

This #ForThatD*#k Challenge reportedly started back in April and we managed to find the originator, one ‘Reup Reedy’ whose IG handle is @reupreedy_

From what we found out, the challenge started when she dropped a freestyle earlier in the year and in a recent post, appeared to not like the fact that this fad has only caught on thanks to people who she describes as ‘having more followers than her’.


@reupreedy_ also dropped a video challenging everyone to give her some credit as the challenge’s original creator.


 Think you can drop a killer #ForThatD*#k freestyle on this challenge? Well good luck! Here’s the instrumental.