We Were ‘Nuh Ready’ For This Calvin Harris & Party Next Door ROTW

Calvin Harris has shattered music records in the past with massive hit singles like the Rihanna featured ‘We Found Love’ and his recent music compilation featured unforgettable hits like ‘Feels’ featuring Katy Perry, Pharrell & Big Sean so it’s safe to say that you can’t go wrong with this producer/deejay.

Teaming up with Canadian based emcee and OVO signed Party Next Door, Calvin Harris brings us a new sound on ‘Nuh Ready’ which is now our ROTW.

‘Nuh Ready’ features that Caribbean vibe that Party Next Door is most known for while incorporating an interesting array of sounds like the trumpets.

For a deejay whose initial sound was considered to be primarily house, it would seem that there is clearly no telling what kind of record this UK based producer will put out next, so no, we were ‘nuh ready’ for this.

We are however, pleasantly surprised and with the kind of reception this single has been getting online, our opinion is clearly widely shared.

The ‘Nuh Ready’ video is also something you want to check out what-with it’s 90s-esque, green screen vibe that is sure to leave you mesmerized. 

Nav Makes a Debut On ROTW With ‘Wanted You’

It’s US rapper Nav’s first stay at the ROTW (Record of the Week) but this will be Lil Uzi’s fourth feature on it having had a successful two time run with his own singles and once on Migos’s ‘Bad and Boujee’.

Complex magazine dubbed him, ‘first brown boy to get it poppin’, describing him as ‘brown’ presumably due to his Indian descent and one striking thing about him is his close resemblance to DJ Khaled. Am I wrong?

Khaled actually co-produced this ROTW (Wanted You) alongside producers Ben Billions and Cash so while we enjoy bumping to yet ‘another one’ from this music maestro, here’s a bit more about Nav.

Born and raised in Canada (to two Indian parents), Nav would create music mash ups in high school, later deciding to create his own beats, which is where his road to fame started.

“I became, like, pretty much the coolest kid in high school because I had started making beats for local rappers,”

Fast forward to today, this fast rising rapper is creating waves with this ‘Wanted You’ single which features Trap Icon Lil Uzi Vert, a song where Nav raps about falling for the wrong kind of girl.

It takes over from Jacquees and Dej Loaf as ROTW this week, here’s a look at Wanted You.


With These Album Sale Projections, The Weeknd Is Climbing Straight To The Top

The Weeknd changed his iconic 9 inch tall hair style for the single ‘Starboy’, a jam we later learned would be the title track from his upcoming (now released) album.

This semi-Ethiopian star (That’s right! He’s got Ethiopian roots!) delivered a stellar performance at the American Music Awards even though he pretty much did half the song from inside a crystal-like tunnel. 

It’s okay. Watch it here and you’ll see what I mean.


Well excuse the pun but The Weeknd dropped his album this weekend and it is doing well already sitting at number three on the billboard albums chart and according to online sources, this collective work, is already on its way to sell between 350,000 to 400,000 copies in its first week.

‘Starboy’ the album features artists like Kendrick Lamar and it was such an iconic album for this Canadian pop star that he even released a short film a week before where among other things, his loyal fans get to see him dance. 

Snoop Dogg moving to Canada after Trump win

Its about that time when words are to be put into action since Trump is well on his way to the White House; all of them celebrities who threatened to move to Canada (also Timbuktu, Jupiter or the likes) if Trump won the elections didn’t see this coming but its happened.

So far, one celebrity who has seemingly put his money where his mouth is, is rapper Snoop Lion who posted on Instagram his Canada house search, tagging rapper Drake to hook him up. But does this really count considering that he hasn’t actually moved yet?


Miley Cyrus, Amy Schumer, Samuel L Jackson, Amber Rose, Cher (she actually said she would move to Jupiter) Neyo to name but a few, are some of the celebrities who promised to move to Canada and anywhere else, but so far there’s absolutely no sign of them packing (unless they’re still trying to get over the shock)


Meanwhile Amy Schumer posted a video on Instagram apologizing to Canadians for not being able to make it for her live shows since she is unwell, she went on to ask her fans to reach out to Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump’s message to all the celebrities who threatened to move out of America once he became president was, “don’t let the door hit you on your way out!”



The world reacts to Mr Trump’s presidential win as Americans consider emigration.

Now that it’s sank in that Mr Trump is the 45th and oldest president of the United states of America (still sounds unbelievable by the way) Canada has literally broken the internet with many Americans thinking of moving to the Northern bordering country (can’t blame them) 



























This caused millions of Americans to check out the Canadian immigration website which has reportedly crashed.

Canadian actor Alexander Ludwig offered his house.


Others even went as far as asking Drake to house them.




Huge numbers of internet surfers worldwide also began googling the phrase “end of the world” when the news broke.  

Its not just a good number of americans frightened of an uncertain future with Trump as president but also investors as markets around the world reportedly fell after it seeming that Trump would win the elections (which he has) with the Mexican Peso slamming an all time low against the US dollar.

Meanwhile, theres a trending hashtag on twitter: #ripusa







That said President Trump has promised to work with everyone who wants to work with him to make America great and congratulated Hillary Clinton for a good run on her campaigns.