Fashion Friday: The Trendiest Hairstyle Of The Week Award Goes To?

Remember the daring multicolored fabric hair-do we featured some time back stating that it wasn’t for the faint heart? (Here’s the link: TREND ALERT: ANKARA BRAIDS) Well, it just found a daring heart.

The daring heart is none other than Kenya’s Hip Hop sensation Muthoni Drummer Queen. She  is no stranger to head turning experiments and as expected her new hair style has captured the attention of most of us.

We first saw the do on sultry Singer Dija at the beginning of the year and we admired it from a distance. Since then none (at least that we know of) has strutted the streets in this trend but looks like the non conformist MDQ has set the stage for us.

















Her previous Brazillian wool hairstyle was quite the work as well, accessorized with Masaai beads.








Her hair clearly has a mind of its own and combined with her artistic mind we just can’t wait to see what she pulls out of the bag next time.

The ‘camo’ life; all things camoflouge.

This army inspired fashion trend has got a hold on many fashion lovers since making a comeback in February this year and like with many trends there have been fails but lets not talk about that today.


Though it is trending all over again there are certain African countries where wearing camouflage is a crime as it’s considered army uniform, tourists visiting these countries on safari are fore-warned not to dare wear camo also for obvious reasons.

Despite the fact that many have been harassed by police for ‘doning army uniform’ fashion lovers, designers and stylists have become more creative with the print from having it in a whole wider array of colors to different designs and styling.

If you’re reading this and you still don’t have any piece of camouflage aka camo in your closet then get a load of how Rihanna and the rest of the camo gang have been rocking this print from the run-ways to the streets and be inspired.