We Called It! Tinashe’s New Single Now ROTW

Following hot on the heels of her last release, Offset featured ‘No Drama’, Tinashe is now on Record of the Week (ROTW) with her latest release ‘Me So Bad’.

This after we’d listed a number of new singles that we projected to be ROTW this week, seems we were right in choosing this Ty Dolla $ign and French Montana collabo (‘Me So Bad’) as one in the number.

‘Me So Bad’ has an uptempo vibe to it which is very playful and catchy, plus, it dropped with it’s accompanying video which matches the jam’s energy with a bright color palate and sultry visuals. 

Released this Easter weekend, ‘Me So Bad’ features lyrics such as …

I know you want my free time
I know that we don’t play that, that, that, that
I’m walking on a thin line
I’m hoping that it break, break, break, break, break
I’m tryna give you FaceTime, yeah
Don’t mean you wanna wait, wait, wait, wait, wait
I wanna better bassline, I wanna better bassline


Here’s the dope video to it.


Bamboo Drops New Music and Weighs In On The ‘Naija Music’ Convo

Bamboo was today’s (Tuesday July 4th) music room guest and over and above rating new music out of 10 (as is the norm on music room Tuesdays), he dropped a brand new jam and talked about many other things including music, life, family and being labeled a ‘gospel musician’.

To address the latter, Bamboo who very publicly became born again and was largely perceived to be a gospel musician who was, last we heard, working on a gospel album, said he’d rather not be labeled as a gospel artist because that would be ‘putting him in a box’.


After spending some time away in West Africa, it seems this rapper made a few new friends and had enough time to get in the booth them which is how this new jam of his came about. 

The new single ‘Aiyayayaya’ (which you can listen to below) was exclusively previewed on Mwalimu Rachel’s #Class124 show is a good feel and uptempo jam which features Bamboo’s signature flow.

Bamboo who spent some time in Nigeria cited a few differences between our music industry and the largest one to him being the fact that they (Naija people) show a whole lot more love for their own artists than we, (Kenyan people) show to our own. 


A lot has been said and written about this emcee who at one point was rumored to be engaged to a Ugandan preacher named Erica who at one point met Satan through an awkward interaction with Ugandan singer Chameleon. 

Yeah the things you’ll read about online. 

Bamboo weighed in on a lot more than just music, letting us in on just how close he is with his famous sister Victoria Kimani saying “we’re not just close cause we’re family but she is like one of the boys”.

His brand new jam might be a lead up to a music compilation and to find out about that you should definitely be on our radar. 


Should Heartbreak Sound THIS Good? It Sure Does On Tetu Shani’s ‘Samalina’.

He sings about a village girl whose lover helps her get to the big bright city of Nairobi but who then forgets all about him after she gets there.

Sounds like a sad story although between being blown away by his incredible vocals and a hypnotic acoustic backing, one has to wonder, should heartbreak sound THIS good? Because it sure does in Tetu Shani’s ‘Samalina’.

Released on YouTube yesterday (March 3rd), this is yet another epic installment from the singer who suffice it to say left us amazed with his Mayonde collabo (video to which isn’t out yet), ‘Chemistry’, a single which featured on last weekend’s edition of ‘Weekend Breakfast’ where two Kenyan EDM remixes battled it out for the title of Under Cover winner.

Tetu Shani is set to feature on Patricia Kihoro’s Afro-Central show this Sunday (11am to 1pm) where he’ll be talking about Samalina on her ‘New at Noon’ feature and who knows, might even get to perform it on air.

While we await that exclusive interview where details of any other oncoming projects following ‘Samalina’ should be revealed, let’s see what you think of this single and whether or not you too know of a ‘Samalina’ kind of girl.


MDQ Releases Most Conscious Music Video Yet (Watch!)

She is the epitome of being a boss lady. Muthoni Drummer Queen still reigns supreme when it comes to event organizing and to rap, the latter of which she proves by meticulously addressing Kenya’s socio political issues including the doctor’s strike in her brand new single ‘Kenayn Message’.

Then jam which samples iconic hip hop jam “The Message” by DJ Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, using the phrase “Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge, I’m trying not to lose my head.”

Produced and recorded by Jean “Hook” Geissbuhler and Greg “GR!” Escoffey of Switzerland, this three minute thirty six second music video is slowly garnering hundreds of views since being uploaded hours ago and is packed with honest truths about the current situation in Kenya, the most notable being the doctor’s strike, which she depicts by lying down seemingly drowning in a white lab-coat.

‘Kenyan Message’ will be a part of what is going to be Muthoni’s sophomore album set for an early April 2017 release. 


Hey J Cole Fans! This Should Be GREAT News For You

Kenyan J Cole fans are in the throngs even in Kenya and boy have we got great news for you!

Last we heard of J. Cole was at a concert where he announced that it would be his last show for a while. In an unexpected turn of events, J. Cole’s next album, 4 Your Eyez Only, has been made available to pre-order on iTunes with the release date of December 9th, the two-year anniversary of the release of his multi-platinum album 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

What is surely going to be one of 2016’s best hip hop/ rap albums, will be a 10 track album.

The official tracklist for the album has not yet been released but stay tuned and be sure to check back for updates.

Album artwork is here.



(Credit: Eugene Gecaga)

Way To Go Ben Soul! From Being On #TheCoverKe To a H_art The Band Collabo (Video)

Two months ago, HBR launched a first of its kind radio acoustic talent search called #TheCoverKe which starred 5 artists whose job it was to create innovative and catchy covers to already existing singles for a chance at having Homeboyz music studios produce their first EP for free.

It was during this time that we met and got to know Ben Soul. beating out most of the competition to make it through to the third week, Ben Soul left us with incredible covers to jams like ‘Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ and Nameless’ ‘Coming Home’.

Losing out to Cheruto the week before the finals, Ben Soul stayed positive and went on with his solo career, working behind the scenes with some notable names and only just re-surfacing on a H_art the band single ‘Mashisha’.

Released this past weekend, this interesting single is sure to be a banger and you can now listen and request for it via Homeboyz Radio.

This jam comes after H_art the band lost all the footage to one of their unreleased and highly anticipated videos, a story that you can read about here

Way to go Ben Soul! 

Drake ‘Fake Love’ (Record of the Week)

Drake’s brand new single Fake Love was released last Wednesday (October 26). It was the final song this Canadian rapper played on the birthday edition of OVO Sound Radio.

‘Fake Love’ which is now the record of the week is a full on ‘pop’ single that sees the rapper lament on all of the ‘Fake Love’ existing in the world.

This former Young Money emcee has enjoyed massive airplay across the globe and this is certainly not his first appearance on HBR’s Record of the Week, having been on before with Rihanna’s ‘Work’ and before that, on ‘Hotline Bling’.



King Kaka Is All About That ‘Thug Love’ In Brand New Video (Watch)

Reports online had claimed that the star had fallen on the wrong side of the law in the recent past and that, ladies and gentlemen, may have been a gimmick meant to promo this video.

Why? Well because he gets fake arrested in this new video which was shot in Nairobi’s Central Business Center which I’m assuming may have led to people thinking he WAS being arrested.

Although thinking about it now, wouldn’t they have noticed the camera crew?

Okay that’s besides the point.

The point being that King Kaka has a new video to a jam called ‘Thug Love’ (featuring Yviona), which as the name suggests is about dating the kind of man who is in love with the streets and with street life.

Check it out.

Visibly Noticeable Changes We See and Love About ‘Balaa’ Rapper Jay A

Jay A took a bit of a break but he’s back!

He had his big debut on a jam called ‘On Me’, a jam that featured Amina and he rose to fame at a time when Camp Mulla’s fans were still getting over the fact that the BET award winning crew had split up.

After hitting us with ‘Gello’, ‘Smash’ and his Caribbean infused Tiana collabo ‘Don’t Stop’, he took time off from the scene to presumably to grow.

Speaking exclusively to the HBR Ents desk, Jay A revealed that the break enabled him to take a step back and evaluate the music industry from a business perspective, taking time to go to clubs where he’d a get a feel of what type of beats and music his legion of fans reacts to.

Well growing he did! Riding the wave of his last successful hit ‘Pita Nawe’, Jay A has changed up his look over time from a shaven look to dreadlocks and his music has also changed.

Working with music maestro Ulopa Ngoma on both ‘Pita Nawe’ and his recent sensation ‘Balaa’, don’t be surprised if Jay A’s singles are pretty much in every club and on every radio from now on because it’s clear that is his intention.

He is a heart-throb to many young girls and after we gave you a sneak look at his new video, it’s now officially out! Featuring some of that fun choreography that accompanies most of his music videos and of course Jay A, looking fresher than ever before.


Dela Steams Things Up (Literally) In H_art The Band Collabo ‘Adabu’

Ever since her Swahili cover to Adele’s ‘Hello’ made waves across the globe, it’s been success after success for Dela who has now switched things up in a new single, complete with video.

Teaming up with ‘Love Phobic’ crew H_art The Band, Dela teams things up by taking us into the shower with her, in this video which also sees Josh (from Amos and Josh) and her fellow Taurus Music ‘signee’ Kagwe Mungai make a cameo.

Seen it yet? Check it out;


H_art the band have previously been at Homeboyz Radio on Weeked Breakfast where they performed acoustic renditions to a number of their singles.