DK Kwenye Beat Releases New Jam And Responds To Body Shamers

DK Kwenye Beat first came onto the public stage when his Saint P produced single ‘Sari Sari’ hit airwaves and reigned supreme on most gospel music charts.

Since then this emcee has frequented entertainment news sites, most recently and sadly thanks to fat shaming haters.

DK Kwenye Beat may have gained weight and while he’s comfortable with this, you bet KOT had a lot to say about that.

The comments kept flooding his timeline but DK seemed to take it all in stride, even re-posting some of the hateful posts on his own social media.

They included;


Preceding the release of his single ‘Kijana Wa Kayole’, DK Kwenye Beat appeared to respond to the body shaming comments via an IG post that implied that the comments HAD in fact been affecting him, so mush so, that he’d almost quit social media.

His post read;

The tongue has no bone, but it is strong enough to break a heart. 😔. Social media is a hostile path to walk on, especially when you are not PERFECTLY created or have a body like mine. I won’t quit social media as I had intended, I will instead share my story to inspire another. #comingsoon

Well the wait is over as DK Kwenye Beat released that video this weekend, receiving quite the reception with a twitter top trend and a Tukuza Countdown debut at number 7!

Here’s his new single.

DJ Final Kut Opens Up About His New Found Life In Christ & Future Plans

We came to know and love him through his two hour Saturday hip hop mix show ‘Hip Hop Culture’ (#HHC) which he hosted with Miss Ruby, Saturdays from 7pm to 9pm.

FinalKut Miss Ruby V

Well Final Kut was the subject of many an entertainment news source, when he abruptly announced giving his life to Christ, pledging to never play secular music again, which ultimately meant him leaving the show he’d spent the better part of a decade creating.

Final Kut shared the news via his Facebook page saying;

“Today 7am I woke up to go to church but I continued to snooze till 11am. So I decided I will go next week because I was not feeling well. Then some strength just came and i jumped prepared myself fast and rushed to Church. And as I entered,the sermon had already started and the preacher was shouting “the King is calling you! Think that was the title. So I chilled… After the sermon he asked if anyone wants to get born again and i was like thinking, nah me im good. Been born again before so all i need to do is just repent my sins silently in my seat and its all good. But he kept on saying “the King is calling who wants to come meet the King?”and i found myself raising my hand. So I went in front and gave my life to Jesus. I want to thank my brothers,sisters and pastors who have been praying for me. The King has been calling me for so long I’m just glad He never hangup! He will never hang up on you too.I have made up my mind and my heart to follow Jesus”

His big decision was followed by an even bigger one about what he intended to change or rather do differently so as to accommodate his new path in the light.

He added;

“The sacrifices I have to make is that im not going to play”Worldly” music anymore or I’m not going to spinning at clubs and bars anymore. Another difficult thing was sending my resignation letter . Yes I will be jobless for a while ,yes i will let go of a show i built with blood,sweat and tears. But yoh!King Jesus called me and i just had to leave all those things that were so precious to me. . He promised to offer me only 3 things tho. Inheritance, provision and sonship. So goodbye world , goodbye some of my friends I will be praying for you and please pray for me too. God bless”

While I imagine some of his fans didn’t take that too well, it appears the hip hop deejay has received overwhelming support since, with some of the reactions to his decision reading;

Final Kut CommentsWe caught up with Final Kut who along with sharing his excitement on embarking on this new journey, said he’s appreciated getting a lot of support from the Gospel industry namely from artist like Kamlesh, Nasara The Poet and DJ Sadic.

Final Kut who’d actually been born again three years back, says he is taking both the negative and positive reactions to this latest move in stride and also assured us that he won’t be leaving the airwaves for long, in contradiction to his statement about ‘being jobless for a while.’

The great news is, from his phone interview, after leaving Hip Hop Culture, Final Kut has plans to start afresh on an all new Gospel hip hop show set to air on Sundays on a yet-to-be-revealed date.

Marques Houston Gets Baptized As A Jehovah’s Witness

When we think about one of the classic sitcom in the 90’s, sister sister, our minds automatically flash back to a certain Marques Houston who is not only an actor, r&b singer and songwriter but is now also a fully baptized member of the Jehovah Witness. The star took to his social media account to share the pictures of his baptism at the Remain loyal to Jehovah convection where his niece and nephew got baptized too. He wrote, ” The best day of my life!!! I got baptized today 🏊🏾 I’ve never been this happy #JW Jehovah my God, thank you for allowing me the privilege to be one of your Witnesses now #DayTwo #RemainLoyalToJehovah Convention” on his Instagram. 




I for one could never have predicted something like this. I mean alien invasion on earth, yea, but Marques turned Jehovah witness, never! However, i do wish him all the best as he starts this religious journey.