Julie Gichuru Shares Gorgeous New Pics On Her Birthday

Julie Gichuru has been media’s most watched and loved TV personality for the longest time and with how well articulated she is (and of course her un-matched good looks) it’s easy to see why.

Having hosted Citizen TV’s Sunday 9pm bulletin where hard hitting interviews and informative features were the order of the day, Julie Gichuru has enjoyed numerous success milestones that included hosting one of our first presidential debates and interviewing African leaders.

For most of us, it feels as though we’ve been watching her for the longest time which seems strange seeing as how she never seems to age.

With the dawn of this new year, it seems Julie Gichuru only just celebrated her birthday, announcing it on social media with a series of gorgeous photos, revealing that believe it or not, she is turning 44.

Hard to believe judging from these photos but yes, this media mogul, mother and wife clearly has great genes (or a must-share beauty regiment) because just look at these!


Akothee Throws Extravagant Party For Her Daughters Birthday

Akothee is know for her larger than life kind of lifestyle and she proves it everyday by traveling to exotic places and spoiling her kids with the best of the best things in life case and point, her daughter Celine Dion. She threw her a birthday that cost approximately half a million in Mombasa and as a birthday present to her daughter, she bought her a brand new Mazda CX-7 worth 1 Million.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 14.34.48Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 14.35.08

Celine Dion, aka, mini Akothee was turning 19 years old in her blue themed party that was invite only and included some close friends of hers. 


Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 14.36.13

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 14.35.51

Celine, who passed her KCSE exams with flying colours last year will be joining a university of her choice come April, next month as confirmed by Akothee. The mother of five wrote on Instagram:

mum , Take this keys for this toy , from the bottom of my heart , for sure you can afford to fuel & service it from the salary I Pay you for taking care of your siblings , please avoid free gifts from men, eg , free drinks & lifts , a man never gives anything for free, & if they do , they have a tendency of coming back for them in one way or the other, be an independent thinker 😍😍😍you can now drive yourself to school , thank you for being a responsible child I love you @rue.baby

Celine went on to post a cute message of her own thanking her mother for the car. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 14.45.24

The moment i saw this walking in i was too shocked to speak…mummy u wil always remain the best mother in the world@akotheekenya ….i love my new toy and yes i wunt accept any lift coz i got myn.. thank yu mummy😘😍😍😍😍



Celebrating Lupita Nyongo’s 34th Birthday

Th beautiful actress is now a year older, wiser and more beautiful than ever. She is Kenya’s most popular celebrity having made her way to Hollywood and even scooped up some major awards like the Oscars. She is an international filmmaker and actress known for her Academy Award-winning role as Patsey in Steve McQueen’s ’12 Years a Slave.’ Lets take a look at some of the milestones she has achieved.

  • She was the first black spokeswoman for Lancome.
  • She is also the first black woman to appear in a Star Wars movie.
  • She was the glamour woman of the year in 2014.
  • She has appeared on the cover of Vogue among other prestigious magazines.
  • Lupita has won 6 awards for her role in 12 years a Slave including an Oscar, New Hollywood, Critics’ Choice and Screen Actors Guild awards.
  • She got nominated for a Golden Globe. 

Born in 1st March 1983 in Mexico City, Mexico, Lupita Nyong’o has proved that resilience and confidence in self are qualities that will make you stride big milestones in life. 

Happy birthday Lupita. 

DJ Hassan’s Most Prized Birthday Memory is Every 20 Year Old’s Dream

Because what 20 year old wouldn’t love to own a car?

It’s not Throwback Thursday yet but any time is a good time for a good trip down memory lane right so here we go.

He has been a deejay for over a decade and been a part of the Homeboyz Radio family for a good part of his career.

DJ Hassan celebrates his birthday today and he took us down memory lane with what his most prized birthday memory.

Rae: No really, what was your favorite birthday like?

DJ Hassan: Rae there have been so many. I’m an old man you know.

Rae: Yeah but there’s got to be one that was like the most amazing.

DJ Hassan: The most amazing? Okay… that would have to be my 20th birthday.

Rae: Yeah? What was that like? Why that one?

DJ Hassan: Back then I was a hustler. I’d sell shoes and clothes, my mixes and that was the year that I took my savings and bought myself a car.

Rae: Wow. Must have been a lot of savings. What car did you get?

DJ Hassan: Hahaha… it was just something to get me from point a to point b but I pimped it out as best as I could the next year.

Rae: Oh c’mon. You haven’t told me what car it was.

DJ Hassan: It was a Beetle.  A Volkswagen Beetle.

Rae: Have you got pictures of it? I know you’ll say you don’t. Happy Birthday!!



This Is How Jay-Z Celebrated His 47th Birthday

 Jay Z celebrated his birthday in a much more low-key way than his wife’s Soul Train-themed birthday that went down in September which featured countless A-listers including Usher, Alicia Keys, Chance the rapper and Swizz Beats when she turned the big 3-5.

He had a low key dinner party with close friends and family in LA the day before his actual birthday, December 4. The 21-time Grammy winner arrived at the French restaurant République with his wife,Beyonce. The happy couple, who married in April 2008, kept their arrival under wraps and had the hotspot’s entrance covered with dark green tarps.

Beyonce’s close friend, and former member of Destiny’s child, Kelly Rowland-now 35- also attended the party with her husband, Tim Witherspoon.


Jay Z’s mother-in-law,Tina Knoweles, arrived with her husband, Richard Larson. Knowles, 62, rocked a black and army green jacket, skintight leather pants and platform boots.



Dj Khaled Gifts Future A New Rolex For His 33rd Birthday

Isn’t it good to have friends like Dj Khaled who just give you a Rolex on your birthday? It looks like this rapper is fond of giving his friends Rolex watches. Remember back when he gave Acehood one too? Although people speculated that the one given to Ace was fake but there is no doubt about the genuinity of Future’s.

He did this while celebrating the release of his new book The Keys on Saturday where the Miami rapper was presented with a gold plaque for his chart-topping album, Major Key.He presented Future with a Rolex Sky-Dweller and captioned the photo on Instagram saying, “I love you. I appreciate you.”



Size 8 and DJ Mo’s Daughter Ladasha Belle Turns One! (Pic & Vid)

She is just the most adorable little thing!

Seemingly unaware of the fact that she’s got thousands of followers on instagram or that her mom and dad are Kenyan gospel superstars, Ladasha turned one this past weekend to the joy of parents Size 8 and DJ Mo.

The pair threw their daughter an incredibly beautiful birthday party, if the photo we found on their various social media was anything to go by.


Happy belated birthday Ladasha!


Kylie Jenner Throws Tyga An Early Birthday Party

Tomorrow is the day Tyga, Mr.King Gold Chain as he calls himself on IG, will be turning 27 years old and it seems like Kylie Jenner, his girlfriend, together with his son King Cairo, could not wait till tomorrow so they surprised the rapper with a mini pre birthday party at Kylie’s home. 

According to Kylie, King was itching to throw his dad a birthday party and so Kylie obliged. King is Tyga’s son with Blac Chyna, who gave birth last week to a daughter named Dream with Kylie’s older half-brother Rob Kardashian.


This Is How French Montana Celebrated His Birthday

What better way to celebrate your birthday than to light it up with a bunch of celebrity friends and of course, get and elephant to join you. That is what French Montana did during his 32nd birthday.

Celebs like Desiigner and Iggy Azalea (who’s been MIA for a while) showed up to show French some love and he was more than happy to share this on his instagram page. 

Iggy who is rumored to be dating the rapper was called out for animal cruelty because people did not feel very pleased with the fact that the elephant had been embroidered with jewelry around it’s ankles and neck that looked like chains but people will always have something to say whether you’re doing bad or good.

Either way, it did not bring their birthday spirit down as French was later on seen partying it up with some of his friends late at night.

Birdman Goes Real Hard for Lil Wayne on His Birthday

It is obvious that Birdman wants the lawsuit with Lil Wayne to end as soon as possible because it is not only costing him time and money but also credibility. However, he did not let his current misunderstanding with Lil Wayne come in the way of wishing him a happy 34th birthday. He posted not one but four consecutive photos shouting joy for the star and calling him his son. 

HBD MY SON @liltunechi #BEFORE ANYTHANG #CMR uptownshit #BMJR #ymcmb4life #bloodlove
Realniggashit uptownshit #HBD #GOAT
#HBD #realniggashit #CMR