New Music! Jamhuri Festival 7 Days Of Christmas: Bensoul & Serro – Listen

Jamhuri Festival is going all out this year.

Founded in 2015, Jamhuri Festival has been a platform for over 200 artists, celebrating and sharing the rich and diverse African talents with the world.

This year, Jamhuri Festival has chosen to celebrate Christmas and Kenyan talent differently. Dabbed 7 days of Christmas, Jamhuri Festival is working with 7 different artists to release 7 Christmas carols with a Kenyan twist in 7 days.

Released yesterday, singer, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist Bensoul comes through with “Santa Claus”.

Young and talented artist Serro also comes through with a beautiful and soulful song “Bwana Yesu Kazaliwa”.

Have a listen below:


Gilad Teams Up With Bensoul In Love Ballad ‘Nahisi Upo’

The super talented Israeli-born singer Gilad is back with yet another love ballad titled ‘Nahisi Upo’ featuring rising singer Benson Mutua aka Bensoul.

Gilad broke into the limelight a few years back with his hit track ‘Unajua’ featuring former TPF contestant Wendy Kimani and has since been releasing hit after hit.

His incredible vocals and song writing skills are apparent in this sweet love song that you might just want to dedicate to your bae.

Have a listen:

Interesting Things We Learned About Band Beca From Their #WBWR Feature

Band Beca are the duo who’ve been creating waves on our entertainment scene and after they stopped by our studios this past weekend to hang out on Weekend Breakfast With Rae (#WBWR), we found out some pretty interesting things about them.

The crew who’d just returned to Nairobi after a staging in Mombasa, managed to make it in time for the morning Sunday edition of the show, where they not only talked about their journey in music but also performed acapella renditions of them.

Here’s what we got to know.

1. They are both single. Or actually, as they each put it;

Caroline: ‘I’m single but in a relationship with my music.’

Becky: ‘I’m single but in a relationship with Jesus #JesusIsBae’.


2. BeCa is an acronym for both their names and not just short for Becky’s full name.

Beca 1

3. Long before they formed the duo these two were background singers to stars like Camp Mulla!

Beca The Band

4. BeCa get most of their singles produced by renown producer Cedo (Cedric Kandenyi).


5. They really only have three songs out. ‘Toka’, ‘Brathe’ and ‘Tonight’.


6. ‘Brathe’ has three different versions to it and all three were recorded on the same day.


7. The duo have co-written all their jams with Bensoul and Mordecai of H_art the band.

Bensoul mordecai

Band Beca performed acapella renditions to their songs which you can watch via my (Rae Kiragu’s) Facebook page as it was shot from a phone.

For more exclusive renditions and interviews with some of the stars making headlines on Kenya’s entertainment scene, then catch the show every Saturday and Sunday from 6am to 9am.

In case you weren’t aware about their single ‘Brathe’ having three versions to it, sample these renditions below.




Things Heat Up on #TheCoverKe as Bensoul Leaves The Competition

He was a favorite for three straight weeks. Ben Soul who is a singer, song writer and instrumentalist came onto the show with a positive attitude and gave his all in each week’s performance.

Sadly, his first time in the bottom two proved bad luck as he wound up losing to fellow singer and friend Raaay on Episode 4’s hip hop challenge.

The challenge which was judged by Patricia Kihoro, Tallia Oyando and guest judge Corine (representing for Homeboyz Radio’s hip hop family), was probably the toughest yet but also the most rewarding as it gave us a chance to listen to exclusive renditions to jams like Nonini’s ‘Mchezo Ndio Ganji’ (covered by Raaay) and Nyashinski’s ‘Now You Know’ (covered by Bensoul).

You know what this means right? The grand finale now stands 6 days away (from today 2nd October) and while the anticipation over who between Raaay and Cheruto takes home the win, here’s a look at Bensoul’s incredible covers from the show.

Acoustic Heaven! Epidose Two of #TheCoverKe

The Cover: An acoustic music show (that airs on Homeboyz Radio’s Weekend Breakfast Show), showcasing only the most interesting music renditions by talented Kenyan artists.

After an incredible first episode where 5 amazingly talented Kenyan singers showcased their creativity by performing acoustic renditions to 5 big songs, the competition is heating up.

For their first elimination episode which aired last weekend, our 5 artists had to cover massive African songs as part of the week’s challenge and we sadly said goodbye to Gachago who cited a busy schedule and new developments in his career as a cause, of having not had a lot of rehearsal time for that week’s challenge. 

We now remain 4 contestants strong and as the grand finale gets closer and closer, these four acts will have to keep impressing us by performing acoustic renditions to some of the hardest singles to cover.

While we wish them all the best, here’s a look at how awesome their African challenge (from episode two) was.

Bensoul: A week ago he wowed the judges by performing an acoustic mash up of ‘Stella’ (an old-school Kenyan song by Freshly Mwamburi and ‘Stella, Stella, Stella’ by STL. This week, this ever soulful singer converted Nameless patriotic anthem ‘Coming Home’ into this 3 minute something work of awesomeness.

Emma Cheruto: Suffice it to say that she is a crowd favorite. Emma who is only 19 years old blew everyone away with her sultry rendition to a Michael Jackson song and this week, tackled a South African house jam called ‘Speed of Sound’ by Da Capo and Tresor, flipping it it 180 degrees so that it now sounds like this.

Raaay! All the judges love saying his name. Raaay was the brave artist who took on H_art the band’s classic single ‘Uliza Kiatu last week and he got even braver this week because what did he cover? 2 Baba and Sauti Sol’s ‘Oya Come Make We Go’ and boy did he do a great job!

Wangui Githu: Not many artists would think to audition for any competition with a Lauryn Hill song but she did and she was awesome. For her African challenge, Wangui took a popular South African single ‘Let You Know’ by deejay & producer Sketchy Bongo and made this beautiful and simple acoustic rendition to it.

They’re all great right? Well only one can win a chance at having their first EP produced entirely at Homeboyz Studios and for this coming week, they will be covering House Music jams.

Going to be very interesting indeed. Catch the LIVE show on my (Rae Kiragu) Weekend Breakfast show, Weekend mornings from 6am to 9am.