Julie Gichuru Shares Gorgeous New Pics On Her Birthday

Julie Gichuru has been media’s most watched and loved TV personality for the longest time and with how well articulated she is (and of course her un-matched good looks) it’s easy to see why.

Having hosted Citizen TV’s Sunday 9pm bulletin where hard hitting interviews and informative features were the order of the day, Julie Gichuru has enjoyed numerous success milestones that included hosting one of our first presidential debates and interviewing African leaders.

For most of us, it feels as though we’ve been watching her for the longest time which seems strange seeing as how she never seems to age.

With the dawn of this new year, it seems Julie Gichuru only just celebrated her birthday, announcing it on social media with a series of gorgeous photos, revealing that believe it or not, she is turning 44.

Hard to believe judging from these photos but yes, this media mogul, mother and wife clearly has great genes (or a must-share beauty regiment) because just look at these!


Ray C’s Incredible Bounce-Back In New Photos

If her 2016 goal was to get back to the star we knew her to be, then Ray C can go ahead and cross that out.

(Ray C before)


Rehab and a weight loss agenda later, this Bongo femcee looks absolutely stunning in a series of photos which she put up on her instagram.



ray-c-red  ray-c-candles

Ray C whose battle with addiction has been anything but secret, is said to be planning quite the comeback and judging from these photos, that’ll be a comeback worth waiting for.




6 Times Femi Brought Out Her Inner Fierce! (PICS)

Femi One has been anything but below the radar this year and this otherwise hardcore female rapper surprised her fans by showing her much softer side in a series of Instagram posts.

Rap may be a male dominated industry and she may have kept up that ‘tomboy’ look for quite a while but here are 5 times that Femi One looked incredibley beautiful and incredibly feminine. 










5 Absolutely Gorgeous Photos of Sheila Kwamboka


It turns out when she’s not behind the radio mic or on stage emcee-ing at an event, or putting together an incredible event, Sheila will from time to time get in front of a camera, the results of which are the inspiration behind this very story.

Her tomboy-ish demeanor aside, Sheila proves she’s everyone’s #WCW in these 5 pics that yes, we ripped off of her instagram.

Here you go!

kwamboka-5 kwambox-1 kwambox-2 kwambox-3