Check Out Dj Khaled’s Heartfelt Video Letter To Son Ashad

If there’s someone who’s so in love with his son it’s so adorable is Dj Khaled.

He recently announced the name of his new album “Father of Asahd” and to top that, he penned a really sweet letter for his one year old.

The letter is all about how his son Asahd has changed Khaled’s perspective of love and happiness and inspired him to be greater than he already is.

The accompanying video features adorable footage of the young icon dancing, smiling, and playing, while his proud dad provides narration.

“Here’s a major key,” he says in the video. “Our children give us the ultimate name, the greatest title, the highest honor. My son has given me my new name. Father of Asahd. Today, that’s what I’m naming my new album.”

Last week, Khaled released the lead single off his 11th album Father of Asahd, “Top Off,” featuring JAY-Z, Beyoncé, and Future.