Fairtrade Africa Partners With Artcaffe To Promote Uptake Of Export Rated Coffee

Fairtrade Africa has entered into an agreement with ArtCaffe to promote uptake of premium-blended coffee among Kenyans.

In a campaign dubbed #coffeewithdignity, Kenyans have always taken the normal house coffee but in this new initiatives, coffee lovers will be able to access the export coffee blend from Artcaffé at an affordable price.

At the same time, the initiative will be able to empower Kenyan coffee farmers by ensuring they receive a fair price and a sustainable source of income for their beans.

According to Alfonce Nzyuko, Regional Manager at Artcaffe Coffee & Bakery, the campaign is designed to educate local consumers about the importance of ethical coffee consumption:

“Coffee lovers will now be able to order the signature Fairtrade coffee blend in at all Artcaffe outlet as an alternative to the house blend or purchase it ground and pre-packaged as a takeaway option for consumption at home or at work.”

The launch of the #CoffeewithDignity campaign comes at a time when consumption in coffee locally has been growing. Artcaffe Coffee & Bakery estimates an increase of 19% in 2017 alone in coffee consumption.  Not only is coffee culture seeing an upward trend, there is a genuine interest by the growing middle-class towards supporting sustainable development within the country. 

Meanwhile, the Artcaffe Fairtrade Coffee Blend is available in the outlet for Ksh 290 served in a French press. It is also available for purchase as a 250g ground box for Ksh 690. Since the campaign started, consumption has increased of filter coffee (French press) of 4% total coffee consumption of Artcaffe.

Up to date, Artcaffe has sold 600 cups of coffee of fair trade at the restaurant level translate to 25kg of fair trade coffee. 200 packets of fairtrade coffee have been sold so far – translate to 50kg of coffee.

A Lot Goes Down When ‘Sip Happens!’

Frankly, when  I saw the title (Sip Happens) on the invite, I knew that I was not about to miss it.

#SipHappens exclusively takes place at Artcaffe Oval every Thursdays from 7 pm till late where patrons get to sample world class cocktails put together by award wining mixologists; Samia, Antony and Francis.

Their cocktails are usually created using one specific premium spirit; vodka, rum, whisky, tequila, or cognac. Spirit brands that have been used in the past Sip Happens nights include; Ketel One vodka, Bacardi Rum, & Martell Cognac. 

Cocktail after cocktail we sipped away in the order below; leaving my palette restless for quite a while.














Which was my favorite you ask? Well, I’m tempted to say El Cubano but it’s definitely the Classic Mojito. 

A few of us were lucky enough to mix their own cocktails under the guidance of the award winning mixologists but did they taste the same as those made by the gifted hands of Samia, Antony and Francis? I’m afraid not!

Check out Kagweni Micheni from The Star Mixing Her Own Cocktail (Video)


Therefore I made the wise move of having the kind Antony whip me up a classic signature Mojito and as expected the nicely tart, minty drink had a refreshing punch that my palette will never forget.









Get Ready To Travel The World With Artcaffe & Turkish Airlines

Food and travel are natural partners; nothing excites the palate more than the discovery of new cultures through food.

In an exclusive first, Nairobi’s favourite café comes together with Turkish Airlines to reward patrons. Kick starting this May, the ‘World of Flavours’ will run for three months. Across all 11 outlets.

Artcaffe patrons spending Ksh2000 or more will receive a 20% discount on Turkish Airlines flights through travel agent Rickshaw Travels, in a move to opening up the world of endless travel discovery.

Redeeming the 20% could not be simpler: 1. Log onto to www.artcaffe.co.ke/promo/ 2. Enter the receipt number for any spend greater than Ksh2000 3. Print voucher for redemption at Rickshaw Travels Valid on all flights departing out of Nairobi or Mombasa Going beyond this, we are rewarding three Artcaffe lovers with an indescribable food- travel adventure.

Two business class tickets are up for grabs to Tel-Aviv, Athens and London. Simply share take a picture of your Artcaffe experience. Then post it on the World Of Flavours tab on the Artcaffe Facebook page Or simply click http://bit.ly/2p11GPa to get started.

The top post with the most votes each month will be packing their bags and jetting off. There are also plenty of chances to win Artcaffe vouchers and hampers.

Mark Muita, Sales & Marketing Manager from Artcaffe highlighted “At Artcaffe our philosophy has always been to delight your taste buds through flavours from around the world. With Turkish Airlines we can now offer you the chance to step out into the world and explore these flavours beyond your imagination. A campaign first for Nairobi, we continue to innovate and give back to our loyal Artcaffe lovers”

Binoy Zachariah, Managing Director at Rickshaw Travels further added, “We have built a reputation for excellence, superb customer service and pride ourselves in partnering with Artcaffe to mutually offer value to our customers. Customer satisfaction is our number one attribute, we hope that you all discover new cultures through food.”

Turkish Airlines Country Manager, Mustafa Ozkahraman concluded, “Today we serve our customers with the same excitement and enthusiasm as that first day we took off. Take this one of a kind opportunity to experience the world of flavours at Artcaffe as we fly you to more than 298 destinations spread over 120 countries.