We Were ‘Nuh Ready’ For This Calvin Harris & Party Next Door ROTW

Calvin Harris has shattered music records in the past with massive hit singles like the Rihanna featured ‘We Found Love’ and his recent music compilation featured unforgettable hits like ‘Feels’ featuring Katy Perry, Pharrell & Big Sean so it’s safe to say that you can’t go wrong with this producer/deejay.

Teaming up with Canadian based emcee and OVO signed Party Next Door, Calvin Harris brings us a new sound on ‘Nuh Ready’ which is now our ROTW.

‘Nuh Ready’ features that Caribbean vibe that Party Next Door is most known for while incorporating an interesting array of sounds like the trumpets.

For a deejay whose initial sound was considered to be primarily house, it would seem that there is clearly no telling what kind of record this UK based producer will put out next, so no, we were ‘nuh ready’ for this.

We are however, pleasantly surprised and with the kind of reception this single has been getting online, our opinion is clearly widely shared.

The ‘Nuh Ready’ video is also something you want to check out what-with it’s 90s-esque, green screen vibe that is sure to leave you mesmerized. 

Fashion Friday: The Trendiest Hairstyle Of The Week Award Goes To?

Remember the daring multicolored fabric hair-do we featured some time back stating that it wasn’t for the faint heart? (Here’s the link: TREND ALERT: ANKARA BRAIDS) Well, it just found a daring heart.

The daring heart is none other than Kenya’s Hip Hop sensation Muthoni Drummer Queen. She  is no stranger to head turning experiments and as expected her new hair style has captured the attention of most of us.

We first saw the do on sultry Singer Dija at the beginning of the year and we admired it from a distance. Since then none (at least that we know of) has strutted the streets in this trend but looks like the non conformist MDQ has set the stage for us.

















Her previous Brazillian wool hairstyle was quite the work as well, accessorized with Masaai beads.








Her hair clearly has a mind of its own and combined with her artistic mind we just can’t wait to see what she pulls out of the bag next time.

Queening! Corine Onyango Gets Surprise Graffiti Art Of Her Face On Entire Wall

You know you are queening when people honor you with a surprise graffiti art piece of your face on an entire wall.

HBR’s Jump Off show host and Kenya’s hip hop queen Corine didn’t believe it when her Basement co-host Deejay Zaq told her that he’s seen a drawing of her face on a wall along Valley Road until a photo of it was taken.

Corine who is on every weekday evening from 7pm to 10 pm (all except for Friday) shared the pic via her instagram with an excited caption that read;

WHO DID THIS?? I almost didn’t believe @dj_zaq that my face was up on Valley Road in the center of Nairobi. This is the DOPEest thing EVER!! THANK YOU! Please stand up so I can give you a medal. I didn’t know this was one of my dreams til I seen it with my own eyes! #hiphop  #nairobi  #graf  #graffiti  #art 

Corine IG

Definitely would be great to know of the artist who did this but to whoever he or she is, this is good work and hopefully not illegal.

The Hub Karen Promoting Local Art

Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” – Michelangelo

In Peter Ngugi’s case (The artisan behind the monumental sculpture in the lower piazza of the Hub Karen Mall) he had to discover the statue inside the steel and the mall gave him the best platform to do so. 

Kahawa 5

The spectacular work of art that took Peter close to a year to complete, was unveiled to the public today in what was termed as “Under The Kahawa Tree.” 

The Kahawa Tree’s leaves (detachable) are made of more than nine thousand stainless steel spoons and more than three thousand ripe coffee berries.

Kahawa 3

The mall’s management together with Judy Ogana from The Go Down Arts Centre worked together to bring the piece to life; they said that they unanimously settled on Peter’s idea out of many others presented to them because it stood out.

According to Peter, he chose the Kahawa tree because many Kenyans have benefited not only from the proceeds of coffee farming but also from the production.

He also stated that it has always been a culture to hold meetings; also known as barazzas under trees, hence the name “under the tree”

While giving his speech, he thanked the management of the mall and its partners for bringing art from the walls of a gallery and closer to the people.

Speaking to the press, Jonathan Yach; Mall Manager, (The Hub, Karen) said that The Hub’s vision has always been to celebrate contemporary art and that anyone visiting the mall was free to interact with the sculptures.

Kahawa 2

The artist explained that each sculpture depicted something different; from hard work, young father spending time with his child to tech inclusion which he says is to mark an era of information.



Lionel Messi Shows Off His Peculiar New Tatoo (Pics)

I hardly look at Lionel Messi’s leg when he’s playing, especially because of how good he plays, but now, it’s kind of hard not to notice.

The Barcelona star displayed his new tattoo with ink covering almost half of his left leg while training with Argentina.

Messi has been known to be a body art enthusiast and his left leg has had quit an evolution.

Messi’s first ink on his dominant leg came after his son Thiago was born in 2012, when the Barcelona star got his child’s name and hand prints tattooed on his calf. 


Then came the flowers and wings added on to his son’s Thiago’s handprints and the ink began to cover most of his lower leg.


Then, on Tuesday, Messi revealed a massive refurbishment of the whole piece. Thiago’s hands and Messi’s number are still there, but the rest of it is completely covered in black ink. 


Looks pretty cool to me.