Brand New From Anto Neosoul: “Slow Down”

Sensimilia artiste Anto Neosoul is laying bare life as it is in one of Kenya’s informal settlement areas in his brand new video, Slow Down.
A place where he grew up, Anto tells the Kawangware ghetto story through the eyes of a poor teenage boy from the ghetto who wants to do good but the circumstances surrounding him forces him to indulge in crime.
He is a young boy whose football dreams and impoverished reality are inextricably intertwined to create the perfect ghetto tension.
He will pay the ultimate price for seeking a way out of poverty. Too soon. Too quick. Here in the ghetto, weeds are plucked faster than dreams are weaved. 
A robbery gone wrong; his undoing. What next? Watch the new video Written& Directed by J. Kuria below:


Anto Neosoul & Sauti Sol Share Their Sentiments About #BurnaBoy

Nigerian star Burna Boy has been trending since his club appearance at Privee Westlands over the weekend.

If you still don’t know, well, Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) were not too pleased with the “Check and Balance” artist for one; allegedly showing up late (4 AM), two; for calling Kenyans peasants and three; his reply to radio presenter Alex Mose below.


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Our very own Sauti Sol and Anto Neosol did not hide their sentiments about the whole situation either.

A frustrated  Anto Neosoul immediately took to twitter; clearly stating that Kenyan artists are not appreciated enough in their own country.


Burna Boy however was not about to take any of the tweets lying down.


Sauti Sol’s Delvin Mudigi too though in different words also shared a video on twitter asking Kenyans to “check themselves” before taking to twitter under the guise of “KOT” posing the question; who is the problem? Promoters? Kenyans? Or the artists? that a Kenyan act can’t be called for a club appearance…

From whichever side you decide to look at this one things certain both Anto Neosoul’s and Sauti Sol’s Delvin’s arguments hold water.