Davido’s Anticipated Rae Ssremurd & Young Thug Collabo #ROTW

It was once rumored to always be a race-to-the-top between Niaja emcees Davido and Wizkid.

Well, Wizkid’s got a number of chart topping international collabos and whether it’s in proof of their long lasting competition or not, Davido has only just also released another one of his international collabos and it’s already made it to be Record of the Week (ROTW).


Featuring Rae Ssremurd and Young Thug, this Sony signed star goes ham on the DJ Mustard produced beat worthy of the top position on any music chart, somegthing we already predict to happen.

Davido who has been in the country a number of times has had a few cross over hits before now, with artists from Africa like Mafikizolo and Diamond Platnumz as well American singer Tinashe.

The video to this brand new one, ‘Pere’ garnered over one million views in under 5 days and will now enjoy a week’s long airplay and bragging rights as HBR’s record of the week.

Check it out;



Skepta Revives Collaboration With Major Sportswear Brand

Just yesterday (Tuesday July 18th) we talked about Grime having such a massive influence on UK culture that corporate brands are literally falling over each other for a chance to be affiliated with Grime.

From redbull to adidas, it’s no secret that this music genre has become such a sensation that when Skepta posted about reviving a collaboration of his with American extreme sports brand ‘No Fear’, online sites and fans are sure that it will sell out.

This ‘Shut Down’ emcee had been associated with this sporting brand back in 2004 and a cool 13 years later, seems the deal is sealed and ready to go with Skepta posting this teaser via his instagram.

The collection which has been termed severally as ‘very limited’ is set to drop this Thursday 20th July (tomorrow) and from the look of his twitter post, may include really dope hoodies such as this one.


Skepta screenshotSpeaking of limited edition hoodies, don’t forget to get yourself a limited edition Homeboyz Radio hoodie available exclusively via our app and purchasable using Mpesa.


The American Dream? What About The Kenyan Dream?


By Hondo Kanhema and Khanyilanga Ndlovu


We all know of the “American Dream” that Americans love to rave on about, a humble 2 floor home with a spouse and two kids, surrounded by a white picket fence, in addition to getting rich and famous. But as times change, and Kenya turns into a prospering young nation, we must start to ask ourselves, what is the Kenyan Dream?


Here’s a few inputs of what the Kenyan Dream looks like to many Kenyans on the Reddit community of /r/Kenya :


‘BantuKitty’ has a fairly simplistic and general concept of her ideal Kenyan Dream which can most likely be attested to her parents’ influence.



In response to ‘BantuKitty’s comment, ‘Munene50’ reminds us to maintain our traditions amidst the changing times.



User ‘Muhe95’ is able to bring up a dream that we can all sadly relate to (Seriously though, we don’t think we can keep up with any more of Zuku’s shenanigans).



Very honest user ‘grandboyman’ has a very entrepreneurial outlook which then deteriorates into a more nefarious scheme which provides very little positive contributions to the already crooked system (C’mon man, last thing we need is more corruption, SMH).



‘finder254’ needs to adopt a more optimistic outlook on life like fellow user ‘happyanxious11’ above him. Like Helen Keller once said: “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence”.



Corruption is a plague on the nation, ‘Kenyanstoner’, and I don’t think contributing to it will help anyone but yourself.



This classic, bejeweled fantasy goes without saying honestly, I don’t think we need say more. (But good luck at beating the odds).



A notable mention: ‘zeusdrew’ doesn’t fail to touch on a thought-provoking point; that we cannot fully compose an image of one definite Kenyan Dream as our society is still evolving with the youth pioneering, innovating and intensely navigating the way. (But…how does an individual get one and a half kids? Like what is half a kid honestly?)




Which user do you agree with most? Leave your answer in the poll below.

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It’s Official; Wizkid is On the Road with Chris Brown #OneHellOfaNightTour (Pic)

This is not the first time for Wizkid and Chris Brown to kick it together and on stage. The Naija star was one of the performers at Chris Brown’s Nigerian concert where he famously taught the star how to do the Azonto and Chris in turn taught the move to America when he appeared later that week on 106 & Park.

Now it’s Chris’ turn to sort of return the favor, this time, taking the ‘Ojuolegba’ singer on the road with him on his ‘One Hell of a Night Tour’.

Wizkid and Chris Brwon IG

The Inside of Obama’s Next House after the White House (Pics)

Leaving a large estate such as the White House, one can only imagine that Obama would plan to move into a just as lavish retirement crib but not quite.

Alright. This is not the most demure house but it is for a retired president. Obama will according to reports be the first retired US president who’ll remain in Washington though it’s according to him, all thanks to his daughter Sasha still being in high school.

So. How will his new abode look like?

Obama House 1 Obama House 2 Obama House 3 Obama House 4 Obama House 5 Obama House 6 Obama House 7