Alaine And Willy Paul Have A New Reason To Celebrate

Willy Paul and Elaine did a sure good job getting the country worked up when a photo of them surfaced where it seemed as though they were getting married. The reason the photo was released was to get people talking and excited giving momentum for their then upcoming video which just dropped.

The music video dubbed ‘I Do’ has, in a little over 24 hours raked in a good 270,000 views and climbing. It appears that their little trick has worked. Willy Paul took to social media saying, “24hrs my baby and I just hit 200k views on youtube.. @alainesinga .. Godsspeed”. This fake wedding trick proved to work despite most people objecting the approach. Lets all hope that this does not become a trend after it trended today on number 1 on twitter. 

Watch the video below.