Thirst Thursday: The 9 Stages Of Being Drunk

It’s Thirty Thursday! Time to go out and have “a few” drinks.

Most people hardly remember at what point they got drunk the previous night. Which makes perfect sense.

There’s a progression of drunkenness that starts when you have your first drink of the night and continues to get steadily more intense from there. They’re pretty easy to forget so read on:

Stage 1: The first sip

The only thing you’re drunk on at this point is the promise of a great night ahead. Click those glasses and drink up!

Stage 2: The buzz

You’ve had one or two drinks and you beginning to feel relaxed. You are a lot chattier and everything feels much more exciting that it was twenty minutes ago.

Stage 3: All friendly and nice

Everyone is now your best friend and you feel like they’re the nicest people alive. You are a whole lot louder and twenty times more confident. This is the part where you make so many friends in the bar that you most likely will forget about before the night ends.

Stage 4: The dancing

At this point, the alcohol levels are pretty high and all you want to do is show off your “amazing” dance moves. You sing along to almost all songs, while sipping your drink more frequently than before. You are even confident enough to go ask that cutey in the bar for a dance – which leads you to stage 5.

Stage 5: The Hook-up

Everyone in the club looks cute and your confidence levels are over the top. Now it’s up to you and your ‘wonderful’ drunken pick-up lines to either get you laid or alone at the end of the night.

Stage 6: Party-Don’t-Stop Mode

It’s pretty late but you are nowhere near done. You don’t care if you have work in the morning, or something important to attend the next day. It’s the best night ever and there is no way it’s ending this soon!

Stage 7: Hunger Pangs

This is where you find yourself at a fast food joint stuffing yourself with fries, burgers, pizza, anything meaty and greasy.

Stage 8: The journey home

You are exhausted and can’t wait to black out but the journey home seems to take forever. You blackout in the cab, the cab driver wakes you up, you stumble into the house but barely make it to your bed before out blackout again.

Stage 9: The morning-after

You wake up the following morning with a pounding headache, nauseous and can barely remember last night’s events. We hope you have no work today because you’ll have one hell of a day.

Thirsty Thursday: How To Avoid That Terrible Hangover

We’ve all been there. Gone to a party, had one drink too many that you hardly remember stuff the next day, not mentioning the terrible hangover. It’s very tempting to drink more than enough at a party especially if there’s an open bar. What we often forget is the aftermath. 

It’s important to control the amount of alcohol you have while still having fun. Drinking prudently, so that you’re not dizzy, slurring your speech, and embarrassing yourself, shouldn’t mean that the party is no longer enjoyable.

Drinking responsibly requires a lot of restraint and self-control and while the thought of the hangover we’ll suffer from the day after is often enough to help us reduce our alcohol intake, there are more tricks than that which can help us to be responsible drinkers. 

Read on.

Eat something beforehand

Drinking on an empty stomach is a terrible idea. You’ll get drunk really fast and most probably throw up. Have some carbohydrates and proteins before heading to a party as it will help absorb the alcohol and slow down how fast it affects you.

Know your drink

Don’t just show up at a party and start drinking everything they’re serving. Ask what is in the cocktail before you guzzle it down and end up getting knocked out before the night even begins.

Don’t combine sugar and alcohol

While sweet cocktails may be so delicious and easy to slide down your throat, they have some major consequences. You will get drunk fast and be on massive high then dramatically lose your energy. The next day will be unbearable as the hangover will make you wish you didn’t drink at all!

Don’t mix drinks

If you have ever had a terrible hangover the next day, then you probably know how much of a bad idea it is to mix drinks. Pick your chosen drink for the evening and stick to it. 

Pace yourself

For most parties, the alcohol is often more than enough so there is really no need for you to gobble it up. Stick to the one drink per hour rule and save yourself from spending the night throwing up.

Stay dehydrated

Drink a glass of water after every glass of alcohol you consume. This will help you stay hydrated and prevent the side effects of alcohol from kicking in.

Know your limits

A responsible drinker must know their limits. You should be able to notice when you start to feel dizzy or your vision going blurry, or that you’re slurring your words so you can stop drinking and switch to water.