Here’s What To Expect From Blankets And Wine This Year


Blankets and Wine is officially back and it’s probably going to be even bigger and better this year.

MDQ and his team have revealed what exactly you should expect on this year’s edition and it includes some pretty big names: South Africa’s AKA, Fena, Prisca Ojwang and Nneka.

The event will be held at KICC on 9th April. For more details on what you can expect over the coming months of 2017, head over to the Blankets and Wine website   and you can also buy tickets to the April 9th event.

Blankets and Wine has grown over the years and we sure hope this year it’s going to be even more hyped.

Here are other artists set to be at the event:



9 Times AKA and Girlfriend Bonang Matheba Gave Us Ultimate Relationship Goals!

It’s the relationship that’s got most Africans wagging their tongues at and if only because their social media posts give most of us the ultimate relationship goals!

Rapper AKA makes the scene now and again for being one of Africa’s most iconic rappers but also for… what’s the best way to put it… yes. For being a little too baring on social media.

This South African rapper is pretty much an open book, although some may argue that he needs to reel it in a little after announcing his break up to girlfriend Bonang Matheba via twitter…


Only to later on, take that back and tweet that they are in fact still together.



From the looks of it, some media in South Africa think that the series of tweets were in fact nothing more of a publicity stunt and regardless of what you may think of this ‘World is Yours’ rapper, he and his beautiful and famous radio and TV show host girlfriend Bonang have shared the most adorable moments together throughout their relationship.

Here are just 9 of those moments.

 aka and bonag 5 aka and bonag 7 aka and bonag 4 aka and bonang 2 aka and bonang 6aka and bonag 8 aka and bonang 3   AKA and Bonang Aka and Bonang 9

AKA’s ‘World is Yours’ has been receiveing an incredible amount of airplay across the continent and is currently enjoying a week’s long stay on HBR’s Power Hour Countdown.

That jam which had its video released a couple of weeks ago features the power couple enjoying time away together in a luxurious location.

Have you watched it yet? Check it out below.

(Exclusive) RajVille Reveales That A Victoria Kimani Collabo May Be On The Works

RajVille, one of Kenya’s finest rappers just dropped the video ‘Dancee’ out on Youtube. Accompanying the video was this message:

During RAJ’s trip to his hometown, KISII, after a long while, he was shocked to see the levels of poverty still, 2017, at the same place he grew up, a place he calls home. He decided to encode this situation into a stripped down video. We decided, with the team at NEZZO FILMS, that it will be RAW. No make up, no fancy clothes, no fancy cars, houses or fancy anything. Just a raw video to show the exact situation of the people he loves and the place he calls home. While there, he donated food and clothes worth close to ksh80,000 to schools & orphanages. Only you and I can make the change you expect. WE present to you DANCEE from his BAE EP.

During an exclusive interview with Homeboyz radio, the rapper revealed a few not so common facts about him. He revealed that he is indeed single and that he spent his Valentines day performing at a concert. Concerning the hit song ‘Obe Baba’ that featured STL (Stella Mwangi) he says that she is actually the one who sought him out and not the other way around. 

The young rapper, who studied Economics in UON, is the CEO of Musicbank and said that weather or not you are a know musician, if he likes what he hears he is open for collaborations. 

He is definitely one of +254’s most hardworking artists and was originally supposed to be on the track ‘Roll up’ that now features Wizkid, Emtee and A.K.A. However, complications to fly out to S.A. came about and he was replaced by A.K.A. The 23 year old revealed that he does not like to party and cleared up the fact that he has never tried to take his own life saying only God has the power to do that.

 On the works right now is a collaboration with Victoria Kimani and we can’t wait to hear it but for now, here is ‘Dancee’.  

Joh Makini Debuts New Jam Live On #IgnitionHBR (Video)

Ignition HBR hosted Tanzanian crooner Joh Makini, famous for his chart topping hits including his AKA collabo ‘Don’t Bother’.

Joh Makini is in Kenya promoting his recent hit ‘WAYA’ whose video dropped about a week ago and talked about working with AKA, the music industry in Kenya and decoded the words to the single ‘Don’t Bother’, in the interview.

New Music: AKA x Anatii -’10 Fingers’

AKA’s fans have anticipated a new track with Anatii for months now and this morning AKA X Anatii released their second collaboration together titled 10 FINGERS. This is after the two “kissed and made up” just before Anatii’s ‘ArtiFact Tour’ last year after beefing over money for beats. The reconciliation between the two warmed fans hearts, as the pair make great music together, case in point ‘The Saga’.

“I’m looking forward to hearing how much the fans love this song. What a smash. This is only the beginning,” expresses AKA.

10 FINGERS is now available globally on all major digital platforms such as Google Play, Apple Music and all streaming services for their fans.

The song debuted for the first time last night at Anatii’s birthday celebration at Kong in Johannesburg to a great reception. 

Anatii says: “It’s great to be back in studio with AKA, there’s undeniable energy when we work together. Hope the world is ready for a whole new wave.” 

Peep the NewWave here.

Cassper Nyovest and AKA Call a Truce (Pic)

Theirs has been one of African hip hop’s most talked about beefs so imagine the waves that Cassper Nyovest and AKA hugging would cause.

Well it happened!

Cassper who broke yet another hip hop record by being the first African hip hop artist to fill up an entire stadium being as a headlining act did it again this weekend and AKA was on ground to show his support.

The ‘Levels’ rapper surprised a number of his fans when he woke up to show support for Cassper’s Orlando Stadium performance tweeting;

Good Morning! This is the day the lord has made. @casspernyovest, today is your day. Good luck & God bless.

Cassper replied saying;

Thanks for the well wishes. God bless

A photo of the two hugging and appearing to be in great spirits then surfaced online, putting the final nail on the coffin belonging to their long lasting beef.


AKA Splits From His Manager To Start His Own Company

Run Jozi and the baddest are some of the songs that AKA has featured in that we all love to listen to on replay. The rapper took to twitter to announce his split from his long term manager Rapheal Benza saying, “Nobody wants to deal with Raphael Benza..This is not a secret,” a tweet that has now been deleted. 

He went further on to say, “I been quietly going about my business setting up my own company for the last few months now.Don’t stress y’all, this means more music, more growth & most importantly for myself and my family …. More money & a better future. You have not yet seen the best of Kiernan Forbes. Thank You for your support, but it’s time to build something for our own children.VTH Season AKA is DEAD.”

On his instagram he wrote, “Our new office space, some work to be done to get it up to scratch 💻💡 … Time to boss up in a major way.”

If you follow him on twitter you know the shade he has been dropping on his timeline. He also warned Tressor, Yanga and Big Star to get themselves a good chartered account and an attorney ‘ASAP’.


Black Coffee, AKA and a Fight Scandal! Here’s What Happened

Not really a fight per say but there was definitely use of physical force and shockingly from laid back looking, normally chill (for the most part) Black Coffee.

Now I hate to have to use the word allegedly but given that a lot of this story has been told and re-told on hear-say terms, please bare with me. 

It allegedly all started in Limpopo where the two were scheduled to perform when a scuffle ensued on stage, a scuffle involving Black Coffee and AKA’s (now famous) road manager, which ended up in Black Coffee slapping AKA’s road manager so hard that his hat fell off.

The back story leading up to that is that AKA reportedly arrived late and insisted on performing during the time that was earlier set aside for Black Coffee, something we  can now all gather (from the slap) the ‘We dance again’ deejay wasn’t pleased with.

No sooner had that clip hit the internet and began riding the viral waves of social media, than did yet another clip surface online, this time of an enraged AKA backstage, where it appears news of what just happened had got to him.

The incident which took place over the weekend was further explained yesterday when AKA’s team published an official statement, explaining that the event organizers were to blame since AKA was not late but had negotiated to be slotted in at a later time; and describing Black Coffee’s actions as “ignorant, distasteful and immature.”

For an artist that has been in the music industry for the amount of years that Black Coffee has, his actions on Saturday night don’t speak to the brand magnitude of what we know Black Coffee to be. His actions were ignorant, distasteful and not of someone level headed or mature. We applaud Tshiamo for keeping his cool and being professional throughout the altercation especially seeing that the anger and violence was misplaced.

AKA wound up not performing, going on a twitter rant, one that featured a bit of a threat when he dared Black Coffee to pick a fight with him instead, later posting that he’d show up at a Black Coffee event just to ‘see what would happen.’

Look …. This is a small world. I’m sure at some point I will run into coffee. I’d like to see him try and hit me. He’s a coward.

To which Black Coffee responded with the exact location of where he’d be playing later that night.

I’m a Coward…..I fear God….I’ll be @KONG_urban tonight.

Fortunately, that’s as much juice as we’ll probably be getting seeing as how AKA took back his threat, deciding to instead take the higher road.

After thinking about it, we have nothing to gain by going there tonight, everything to lose.

Tomorrow my GQ cover drops. We been working towards this for years. We won’t allow one person’s actions to overshadow this.

All the while, Black Coffee is said to have issued an apology to AKA in between his set, cutting the music to say;

“I would like to say to you, I apologize, I’m truly sorry – I am not that guy,”



Will AKA Feature on Hit TV Series Empire? These Social Media Posts Might Suggest So

Africa raved about Wizkid getting featured on a now worldwide number one jam (‘One Dance’ by Drake) and imagine how much more we’ll be excited about AKA getting onto one of TV’s top rated series Empire.

Taraji P Henson and Terrence Howard (better known to us as Luscious Lion and Cookie) were in SA and ‘All Eyes On Me’ emcee AKA both performed and hosted part of their meet and greet, during which Taraji called him cute and later, Terrence said he’d speak to the director of their show about putting him on the show.

AKA is heard telling the star actors that African music is really what it’s all about in the current music industry…

And later, Taraji took to IG to post;

You were a wonderful host @akaworldwide I AM A BIG FAN OF#AfricanMusic Thank you for being so kind to us! AND YES WE SHOULD HAVE YOU ON THE SHOW

Yup. AKA out here making boss moves. Hope it goes through!

LANES! Cassper Nyovest Launches His Own Cellphone

Whether you think Cassper Nyovest is really dope when it comes to (South) African Hip Hop or not, the one thing you cannot deny is that he makes moves and he’s recognized for it!

From filling The Dome with 20,000 people give or take and being the first ever South African artist to ever do so, to being on his next mission to fill Orlando Stadium which has a capacity of 40,000 people, being the first South African artist to be verified on Instagram (yes, this is also an achievement) to now launching his own phone!

The rapper teamed up with AG Mobile (sponsors for his Fill The Dome concert) and MTN to lauch a phone called AG#Hashtag which was inspired by Nyovest. They have been working on it for 9 months and the phone is now available!

It doesn’t end there. Cassper will also be flying out later today to headline his first show in the US. If those aren’t moves, I don’t know what else to call them.