Cardi B’s Reign Continues! Check Out Her Bruno Mars Collabo

I read a quote on instagram last year that read…. “May 2018 be as good for you as 2017 was to Cardi B’.

Definitely made for a hilarious new year’s message but isn’t that true?

I mean Cardi B seemed to have come out of nowhere with her ‘Bodak Yellow’ single, capturing all our attention with a long stay at number one with that particular single.

This former reality TV show star had been recording and putting out mix-tapes long before that, but what has been most impressive about her is her continuity.

Unlike other artists to have enjoyed a fast catapult to the top of the industry, (like Korean star Psy with ‘Gangnam Style’), Cardi B has so far managed to clutch onto the top spot, getting featured on Migos’s single ‘Motor Sport’ and releasing three of her own singles, including this Bruno Mars collaboration.

Featuring on this 24K Magic star’s single ‘Finesse’ Cardi B is clearly looking to cement her place as one of this generation’s top rated artist.

As for whether or not Cardi B is doing at good job at that, (at cementing her place in the ‘book of legends’)… we’d say she’s well on her way given this post that Bruno Mars shared on his social media, describing her. It read…

I met cardi B at 3 am after my show in LA backstage where we recorded her verse for Finesse. She walked in the room and she was everything I’d hope she’d be. Never change cardi! Don’t let this crazy music business change who you are. You posses something that can’t be taught. You’re a true star. Thank you for putting your energy and love all over this record and video. I hope you feel better soon because we got some celebrating to do. Everyone show ya love for the one and only CARDI B! 👏👏👏👏 #Finesse


NYEKe 2018 In Photos

Nothing brings in a new year like good music and fireworks.

Say what you will about the year that past, but last year’s new years eve #NYEKe2018, was definitely one for the books.

Celebrating our 10th year of having been in existence, the #NYEKe2018 party was an homage to the backbone of what really catapulted Homeboyz to the success and that is the art of deejaying.

With three music arenas, a stunning performance from an unexpected headliner and a long list of deejays (both international and local), #NYEKe2018 in collaboration with Homeboyz Entertainment and Tuborg, was a night to remember.

Check it out;

Mad Max warming up the crowd.


VJ Ace Cross churning out the bangers.

Andie and Hassan tag team for a dance frenzy music mix.

Then the only female deejay of the night, DJ Pierra checked in.

Chicago based deejay DJ Topdon took his turn.

ZJ Heno did what only he does best.

London based DJ Sparks took over and the hype escalated.

Boston’s DJ Big Bear made it and shut it down!

Then it was time to ring in the New Year with G Money.

Willy Paul Took Over with an energy filled performance.

And to top it off, came the fireworks!

Taking It Back! Biggest Stories To Have Come Out In 2017

Despite having been a politically fueled year, 2017 was without a doubt one of music’s biggest years with the release of a major album from Jay Z,…

a Busta Rhymes fire comeback that saw him embrace his Jamaican background and feature Tory Lanez and dancehall legend Vybz Kartel,…..

the youngest Jump Off Freshman class yet #NuLifeKe ….


and of course, the reign of Cardi B.

In fact, there were so many different and entertaining things that happened.


I mean Femi One fully embraced her sexy in 2017….





Khaligraph Jones got accused of ‘bleaching his skin’ and responded to Vera Sidika’s comments about it via a freestyle in 2017…

Chipukeezy apologized to Kenyan Hollywood star Christine Wawira after lying about what really happened during his meet and greet with Kevin Hart.


Kenyan artists proved their prowess by releasing viral music videos that garnered millions of views in a matter of weeks including….

Octopizzo’s ‘TBT’

and Nyashinski’s ‘Malaika’.

Our artists also pushed the boundaries of raunchiness releasing sizzling visuals like Sauti Sol’s black women appreciation video for ‘Melanin’.

And collaborations came in numbers, some with fellow Kenyan starts and others (like is the case with Victoria Kimani) were collaborations with Grammy awarded superstars.

Along with sexy singles and dope coallabos, 2017 was also the year of the ultimate comebacks with beloved Kenyan music group Camp Mulla, dropping while re-uniting on stage at the Jameson Party.

See what we mean? 2017 was definitely jam packed with great news and new music which only leads us to anticipate an even bigger year this 2018.

Ty Dolla $ign Becomes ROTW With His ‘Ex’ Single

Ty Dolla $ign has been announced as this year’s Jameson headline act and he is currently this week’s Record of the Week thanks to his YG featured single ‘Ex’

Released as part of his ‘Beach House 3’ project, Ty Dolla $ign teams up with producer Bongo By The Way on this jam which you’ll be hearing quite a bit now that’s it’s taken over as the ROTW.

Ty Dolla’s ‘Beach House 3’ features artists like Jeremiah, Lil Wayne, The Dream and Skrillex and its release came amidst a heated lawsuit against both Ty and YG, filed by a man who claims he suffered major injuries at a 2015 club beating incident at one of this star’s stagings.

Here’s ‘Ex’.




I just text my main chick
I told her I ain’t coming home
I just text my main chick
I told her, I ain’t coming home, tonight
Bongo By The Way.(ex)

Mixing Henny with the Bombay
F**k it, I done had a long day
I done linked up with my old thing
Right time, but the wrong place
Riding ’round with it on me
Got me thinking about all my old days
I been getting money four ways
R. Kelly, “12 Play” with the foreplay
I know, I be up to no good
Baby, I know, I’m just misunderstood.

I just text my main chick
I told her I ain’t coming home
I just text my main chick
I told her, I ain’t coming home, tonight
I just text my main chick
I told her, I ain’t coming home tonight.

Ohh, how you living, nigga, how you living? (skrt)
I’m on jet ski’s with naked bitches
Give my last to these naked bitches
Leave your main squeeze for these naked bitches, yeah
That’s how, you know, when it’s all bad
She call me or text, I could call back
But she imagine in her head I’m doing all that
I tell her I’m not, she like, YG, you a thot.

I know, I be up to no good
Baby, I know, I’m just misunderstood.

Yeah, yeah
A hundred times, told her, I was gon’ stop
But it’s kind of hard, when every night them bottles pop
Yeah, yeah
It’s kind of hard, when you’re making your watch
Make all them nines and tens flop

I just text my main chick
I told her I ain’t coming home
I just text my main chick
I told her I ain’t coming home, tonight
I just text my main chick
I told her I ain’t coming home tonighttt.


Nicki Minaj Vs Remy Ma: Explained

(Written By Hondo Kanhema)


You may be wondering, how did this beef even start? When? Why?

You may be surprised that the beef between the two New York rappers is a decade old, starting in 2007. On Nicki’s debut mixtape “Playtime Is Over”, she rapped, “Tell that b*tch with the crown to run it like Chris Brown”, and although Nicki never said who this shot was aimed at, most assume it was Remy Ma, mostly because at the time Remy had released a mixtape depicting herself as a Queen on the cover. Remy felt it was personal, and in response, confronted her at a party later that year.


A year later in 2008, Remy Ma was arrested for attempted murder after shooting a friend in the torsoflat,1000x1000,075,f outside a nightclub. She was then charged again while in custody with gang assault and witness tampering, after sending goons to beat up a witness’s boyfriend. The additional charges didn’t help the rapper in convincing the court she was not guilty, and in the end, she was sentenced to 8 years in prison.


As Remy waited out her sentence in Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, Nicki enjoyed as her career began blowing up, with her music making her an almost household name, winning numerous awards and having her albums “Pink Friday” go 3x platinum and “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” go 2x Platinum.

As time went on, it seemed like the beef had cooled down, with Remy stating in a 2011 interview from prison that she “supports Nicki Minaj and her success” but added that she (Remy) would become “a problem” to Nicki as soon as she was out. Even she was in Jail, Remy still managed to get married to her fiancée Papoose INSIDE the courtroom, and was hard at work preparing new material after her release.

On August 1st, 2014 Remy Ma was released from Jail after serving 6 out of the 8 years she was sentenced to. Remy was quick to resume her career where she left off, and wanted to extend an olive branch to her peer, and leave the beef behind. The two then began showing solidarity for one another, with Ma congratulating Nicki for winning BET female rapper 2016, and Nicki sparking rumors of a collab.


(Things are looking good right? 2017 is where it gets heavy)

Afterwards, while featuring on DJ Mustard’s track, “Don’t Hurt Me”, Nicki gave a reminder that she wasn’t ready to step down from her position as queen of rap:


All these b*tches beggin’ me to pass the baton

All these b*tches tryna fit my crown and my wand

B*tches still my sons, get your sonogram on

Just a nick of time I did the cover of TIME

Gettin’ a million dollars just to stand there and rhyme

Even if you was Curry, b*tch, there’s still a LeBron

But let’s face it, I’m Curry, with rings like LeBron


It’s most probable Remy took this as an insult (I would), firing back on Money Showers” with Fat Joe:

B*tch claiming she the queen, what? Not hardly

Who the f*ck gave you your crown b*tch? Steve Harvey?


February 25

Honestly, it seemed like it was over, but now; round 2 is definitely on, and this time, they ain’t playin.

The two rappers continued to exchange minor disses on features, but after a few months of back and forth, on February 25 Remy decided to bring out the big guns. Listen for yourself:

Ether. The legendary track that Nas undoubtedly annihilated JAY-Z on with frightening ease, now had been used by Remy to absolutely disassemble Nicki (like a Barbie doll, get it?). Remy did not hold back whatsoever here, alleging about ghostwriting, Nicki’s botched plastic surgery, stealing bars, clowning her for dating Meek Mill, all sorts of insults against her and her family, and of course, numerous threats to kill her (Metaphorically?). I could go on for ages about Remy’s bars, almost every line in the six minute, fifty-second song is a scathing diss to Nicki. She gave Minaj 48 hours to respond.

After the release of ShETHER, the internet went wild, curious to see what Nicki would respond with and if the allegations brought by Remy were true.

Nicki did respond, although not with a diss track, but rather an Instagram post, mocking the poor sales of Remy Ma’s latest album with Fat Joe, “Plata O Plomo”. This wasn’t enough for people tuned in, a response song was demanded from fans, Nicki had to defend herself, right?



March 2

Before Nicki could respond, the bloodthirsty Ma released ANOTHER diss track; cleverly named “Anotha One” (I can almost feel the Déjà vu from the Drake/ Meek Mill beef). At this point, it was obvious Nicki was trying to ignore Remy at this point, she had been lyrically assassinated twice and had yet to respond.

Remy seemed satisfied with her destruction of Nicki, saying in an interview: “The dust has settled, some people don’t get that the dust has settled. But I can understand. It’s kinda hard to see the dust settling when you are in a grave under the dirt.” Ouch.

June 9

Nicki didn’t put out a full diss track but took some shots at Ma while guest featuring on a 2 Chainz track “Realize”, accusing Remy’s husband Papoose of ghostwriting shETHER:

I’ve been winning 8 years consistently, at least respect it

Papoose wrote a Ether record

But I broke Aretha record

See this is chess, not checkers

You can not check the checkers

Did Nas clear that “Ether” record?

Nah, but I broke Aretha record

June 12

Remy was quick with the response at 2017 Summer Jam, performing shETHER live, while embarrassing pictures of Minaj were displayed behind her.

June 26

If Nicki wasn’t taking Remy seriously before, she sure is now. Remy took home the 2017 BET Award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist, breaking Nicki’s SEVEN-year streak. To add insult to injury, she used the opportunity to further throw subliminal shade, rapping: “I just wanna say, ‘Y’all b*tches got fat while we starved/Shots in your ass, pads in your bras/Y’all some liars it ain’t no facts in your songs/And yeah that crown is coming back to the Bronx,”

Watch the speech here:


With the beef still ongoing, and plenty more fuel to add to the fire, it doesn’t look like this decade long beef is cooling down anytime soon, as the two New Yorkers fight tooth and nail for the title of ‘Queen of Rap’.

15 African Jams That Should Be On Your Playlist Right Now


Written By Khanyilanga Ndlovu


We’re all looking forward to a lit 🔥 time this 2017 and this playlist is just what you need to start turning up!

1. Mr Eazi- Short Skirt  ft. Tekno, BkChatLDN, Odunsi, Temi, Eddie Kadie, Oyemykke

2. Shourtie- Nakutaka tu Wewe


3. Amanda Black – Kahle


4. Navy Kenzo- Bajaj ft Patoranking

5. Kagwe Mungai – Nyumbani ft Alicios

6. Nandy – Wasikudanganye

7. Efya – Until The Dawn

8. Tiwa Savage – All Over

9. A-Reece – Feelings ft Flame

10. Ezi Emela – No Lele

11. Petra – Bandit ft Empress

12. Vivian – Attention ft Redsan

13.  Ngiyaz’fela ngawe – Kwesta ft Thabsie

14. Charlotte – Prince Kaybee ft Lady Zamar

15. Davido – IF 


For more, listen to Nana Fofie’s mashup of 2016’s & 2017’s African Hits

Zaytoven’s Upcoming Projects And Plans For 2017

Zaytoven had a Producer-Of-The-Year worthy 2016. Dropping two post-prison albums with The East Atlanta Santa, Guwop and producing the splash track “Used To This,” the collaborative effort from Future and Drake. Zay opens up about his prospects for 2017 during an interview with Billboard and these highlights catch him speaking on:

Gucci Mane: “[Gucci Mane and I] haven’t seen each other in the last three, four years so it’s a whole new fire burning for us to work together since he been gone for so long. So soon as he got out of jail, it was something that I think the world was waiting on because they used to hearing Gucci Mane and Zaytoven together so that’s inspiration alone to just get in the studio, create new stuff, come with something new and at the same time, give them the same chemistry that you’re used to hearing from us.”

Future’s Beast Mode sequel: “I’m moving on Future’s wave right now. He moves how he wanna move. I don’t know when his next project is. I just know that he got fire on top of fire. I can’t say exactly when Beast Mode is coming out. All I can say is when it does come out, it’s crushing everything.”

Migos’ Culture: “It was nothing different — it’s just the fact that they got their heads back on straight. I feel like Migos has been consistent ever since they been in the game but now they just almost at a peak right now. So, to really come back in the studio and get with them on this project — which, I done been on every album, every project and every mixtape they ever put out — it’s just regular chemistry. I feel like every time I make a beat and the Migos rap on it, it’s gonna be fire.”

The biggest bomb Zaytoven dropped was confirmation of a collaboration with Jay Z. Hov has been rumored to be working on new music for quite some time. If he releases a new LP this year, it will be his first since 2013’s Magna Carta Holy Grail.

Back in November, Zay shared a photo of himself with Hova. The caption? “JAYTOVEN.” Now, the producer confirms that they have at least one collaboration in the bag. “I feel like [the collaboration] is gonna be for both of [our projects],” he said. “I know it’s going to be a trophy for me.”

“I always looked at Jay Z and guys on the caliber of Jay Z like they just the big dogs,” Zaytoven told Billboard. “I didn’t think they listen to my music or even know who I am. I was in L.A. in a meeting with [veteran publishing executive] Big Jon and he was like, ‘Me and Jay was just talking about you.’ So he text him and [Jay Z] said, ‘You have Zaytoven over there? Can he come to the house?’ And I’m like, ‘What? For real?’ This is me having no idea that he even cared about my music.”

To finesse his 2017, Zaytoven is filming the sequel to his Birds of a Feather film and crafting his book, A To Zay: The Indie Guide to Music Production.



Eugene Gecaga

SZA Reveals ‘CTRL’ Release Date

Last year, frustration surrounding her debut album forced SZA to contemplate retiring from her music career. SZA fans got a little bit more hope when she previewed new music at a low key event in New York. Earlier this month, she performed her new single “Drew Barrymore” on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Now, the TDE songstress has revealed a release date for the long-awaited project, due February 3rd, the first studio LP from SZA.

“I [wrote about] my younger life, which was haphazard,” the 26-year-old told Billboard. “Being at ­sleepaway camp away from my parents, being the only black girl, not even noticing until I got older, dealing with boys, self-hate, growth, and God. It’s the first time I’m literally writing about my life instead of figuratively writing about it.”

While life was the basis for much of her songwriting, the album was also influenced by notes from legendary producer Rick Rubin. “I had this mentality that ‘more is more’ — more reverb, more background [vocals],” she said. “I played [Rubin] a bunch of songs, and he would tell me, ‘The more you take away from any piece, the more room you create for everything else to be beautiful and grow.’ I never felt that before, the editing urge. Once you strip everything down, you’re forced to say something.”

During the interview, SZA also opened up what she learned from working with Rihanna on ANTI’s “Consideration.” “Rihanna doesn’t give a f**k about anyone around her,” said SZA. “She’s in her own space at all times. But she’s not rude — she’s comfortable. As a shy person, that was something cool to witness.”

The newest TDE signee, SiR is also set to drop his debut project with the label, HER TOO, on February 10th.



Eugene Gecaga

Lil Wayne Teases ‘Carter V,’ ‘Funeral,’ & ‘Dedication 6’

It looks like Lil Wayne is ready to release a slew of new material, including his long awaited album Tha Carter V, judging from a cryptic new Facebook post.

Recently, Tunechi shared a photo featuring 2 Chainz, Gudda Gudda, and others. But it was the caption that raised eyebrows: “CV. Funeral. D6. Young Money.”


It’s unclear what Wayne meant by the post, but fans are taking it as an announcement for the upcoming releases, Tha Carter V, Funeral, Dedication 6, and a possible Young Money compilation project.

Teased since 2012, The Carter V has reportedly been finished for some time. However, it has been held up by Weezy’s $51 million lawsuit against Cash Money.

Wayne hinted at a lot of new material during an appearance on “The Nine Club” podcast in November. “Funeral is coming soon,” he said. “That’s my music. Get your roses ready. I don’t have a release date, but I have a whole bunch of good news coming soon. If you’re a Wayne fan, I know we’ve been going through a lot of tough times right now, but if you are a Wayne fan, we about to hold our heads high soon.”

In April, the New Orleans spitter teased Dedication 6, the sixth installment in his DJ Drama-hosted mixtape series. “I’ve also been working on some crazy shit for a mixtape and we just didn’t have a good name for it yet,” he said. “But it might as well just be a Dedication.”

Last month, pharma-mogul Martin Shkreli claimed he purchased the CV double album and even played a snippet of a new track. Tunechi’s camp confirmed that the song was from a Carter V session, but noted that the LP has not been turned in to anyone just yet. They’ve reportedly launched an investigation about how it landed in Shkreli’s hands.

While it looks like it will be a big year for Wayne, none of the aforementioned projects have confirmed release dates.


By Eugene Gecaga

Hip-Hop’s Influence On Forbes 30 Under 30 List

Sure, there are the exorbitantly-paid EDM acts in Las Vegas but since its inception, hip-hop has embodied the entrepreneurial spirit so wholly that it became the first genre to really make a break from the tried-and-true market structure of the music business.

It’s with that same spirit of innovation and entrepreneurialism in mind that Forbes annually crafts its 30 Under 30 list, and having recently released their 2017 honorees, hip-hop’s dominance in the music category is impossible to ignore.

This year’s music list features many in hip-hop. 19-year-old Lil Yachty and G.O.O.D. Music signee Desiigner, who is also a year shy of his 20th birthday. Lil Boat is given a nod for his quick rise to fame and his appearance on D.R.A.M.’s successful “Broccoli” single. Desiigner is of course awarded because of his smash hit “Panda,” which was sampled on Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo.

G-Eazy and Logic, 27 and 26 respectively, also make the cut. G-Eazy is applauded for the success of his When It’s Dark Out project, which was released at the end of 2014, but continues to get significant radio play. Logic is on the list for being able to create back-to-back successful albums and raking in the dough on tour as well. Tory Lanez, at age 24, earned the accolade for the success of his many singles and his Grammy nomination for “Luv.” Bryson Tiller, 23, is acknowledged for following in Drake’s footsteps and blending R&B with rap all while creating his own genre with Trapsoul.

A number of key behind the scenes figures are on Forbes’ radar as well, including Patrick Corcoran. If that name doesn’t immediately sound familiar, Patrick is Chance The Rapper’s manager, and we’re all aware of the absolutely banner year the Chicago native had in 2016. La Mar Taylor, creative director for The Weeknd, was also included among Forbes’ honorees for his stellar stage work on Abel’s most recent international tour, as was Joe Kay, co-founder of the LA-based label and artist collective, Soulection. Even the judging committee of this year’s 30 Under 30 Music honorees is tinged with hip-hop culture, including Nas’ manager and co-founder of his venture capital firm Queensbridge Venture Partners, Anthony Saleh.

From top to bottom, hip-hop’s increasingly domineering presence in the business realm is incredibly promising in making sure both the music and culture are prolonged and properly-funded, and a validation of all the smart moves and great music that made hip-hop a force to be reckoned with.


By Eugene Gecaga