Movie Review: “Alien: Covenant”

“Oh ye of faint heart, this might be the longest 122 minutes of your life!”

This could have been anyone during the Alien: Covenant premiere at Anga Imax yesterday night, well unless of course they had watched Prometheus.

The latest chapter in the sci-fi horror franchise sees the probability of  human specie extinction yet again, with the colony ship Covenant bound for “paradise.”


This is the first biggest colonisation mission and the fate of the crew members along with the thousands of colonies and embryos solely depends on captain Oram (Billy Crudup) who had to assume command after the sudden death of the original captain Bransom (James Franco) (who by the way doesn’t even last a minute in the film)

He appears to be some what weary and unsure of himself but he has faith and is out to ensure that the rest of the crew respects his leadership and so as leader he commands change of plans – they no longer  journey to planet Origae-6 (paradise) but to an unknown planet after intercepting a human radio signal.

Things definitely do not go as planned and the enemy within is horrifyingly also the enemy without.

David (played by Michael Fassbender)  who also plays Walter (the “good” android (an updated model) built to obey and protect the embryos aboard Covenant) finally meets Walter.



David’s weird lair is enough red light if you ask me but he has just saved the Covenant crew members who now know that coming to the planet was a bad idea; so why would they doubt him plus he’s “related” to Walter right? 

This lady here; Daniels (played by Katherine Waterston) is quite the admirable type, resilient, witty and smart- she suffers a big loss but still makes major comebacks that not only saves the Covenant the colony and crew members as well, well at least for a major part of the movie.

The Neomorph is the alien that will keep you on the edge of your seat with every appearance it makes through out the movie, bursting full force out of the torsos of every infected human; morphing into a monster and sparing not those in sight – a creation of the created out to eliminate the creator and anything connected to it-LOL I know, I know, watch the movie and you’ll understand what I mean.


Lives are devoured (a few that leave us emotional) blood and all sorts of body fluid gushed, roles changed and yes violence and horror is at an all time high in this here Ridley Scott directed movie.

It goes without saying that there will definitely be a second and third sequel, so do keep up; currently showing at Anga Imax :




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