Weekend Breakfast with Sharon

"Its an all new Weekend Breakfast filled with pizzaz! From the digital realm of YouTube all the way to HBR..our brand new host Sharon Machira takes over the show and brings with her ..Digital Finesse! Join her very Saturday to catch up on the hottest and funniest stories of the week, and every Sunday to get that well-needed motivation to have you ready for a new week! Your weekends will now be filled with laughter, banter and inspiration! As for the music, we’ve got a pop-infused playlist created by the legendary John Rabar - carrying trending tracks, the record of the week and much more. These tunes will have you jamming tirelessly on your weekend mornings! Remember to interact with Digital Queen at the hashtag #WBWS. ".

Saturdays and Sundays 6.00-9.00 a.m