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  • Should I Eat After Every Work Out? Here’s What Experts Suggest

You hardy skip any workouts, always in the gym doing high intensity exercises and weight lifting. But, you never really notice any results. No muscle gain, no fat loss, just the same old you. This should mean that you need to reevaluate what you eat, both pre and post work out.

Many experts actually say that nutrition could be even more important than the workout itself. “If you don’t show up for meals, you might as well not show up for a workout,” says Nancy Clark, RD, a Boston-based dietitian and author of Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook.

So what’s the best post-workout snack to feed your body? And do you really need it within 30 minutes of your work out? Here’s everything you need to know to ace your workout nutrition:

Post work out snacks

When you need one

You’ll need to refuel DURING 30 minutes of intense work out. That’s when “your muscles are more receptive to absorbing the glucose into the cells,” Mary Jane Detroyer a nutritionist and personal trainer explains.

You will also need to refuel if you work out in the mornings, especially if you don’t take a snack beforehand. A healthy breakfast will do you just right.

When to pass

You don’t always need to eat something after working out, especially if you did some light exercises. Detroyer explains that if you still have a half-tank of gas less, then fueling immediately after isn’t as urgent. Your muscles continue to recover over the course of 24 to 48 hours, so don’t feel the need to always eat.

If you ate before going to the gym, you really don’t need a snack especially if weight loss is your goal.

So what are the right foods to help you recover?

Your muscles will always need carbs and proteins in order to recover. Carbs you regain the energy lost and proteins rebuild and repair muscle tissues.

Fruits, potatoes, rice, oats and whole bread will give you the carbs you need. Good protein sources include nuts, seeds, milk, eggs and meat. Be careful not to overeat these foods though.

Always remember that your diet is what matters most when it comes to healthy living and fitness.

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