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  • Planning Your Public Transport Trips With Google Transit

Kenyan commuters who use public transport will now be able to access useful information on their mode of transport of choice – with a newly launched feature ‘Google Transit” on Google Maps.

This means that you can now plan public transport trips quickly and easily, before you begin through a digitized route system, on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Google’s Country manager Charles Murito says that the project is just part of the efforts to make Google Maps more comprehensive, and to offer better value for people within the city who use matatus and buses.

The Transit feature will integrate bus tops, route numbers schedules, and it is hoped in the future, will be able to provide dynamic fare changes.

It is estimated that within Nairobi alone, up to 3.5 million people use matatus, however information on the over 130 different routes, as well as where they initiate from is not widely available – making travelling through Nairobi difficult for visitors.

Sarah Williams from the Digital Matatus team says that for cities that struggle with congestion, transport planning initiatives are even more necessary than usual.

The Digital Matatus project was a development borne between staff at th4e University of Nairobi, the Massachusetts iInstitute of Technology, Columbia University and Groupshot that developed the tech that was used to collect the transit information through a grant supported by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Visit maps.goofle.co.ke to access transit information.

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