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  • It’s Clap Back Season! A Look at Femi 1’s Recent Diss Track ‘Pilau Njeri’


Looks like the’ beef’ season is back in business- If indeed the ‘cheza’ rapper, Njeri picked a fight (actually a rap battle sounds more like it) then boy has she got one. The rapper who is said to have been targetting fellow rappers, King Kaka, Kristoff and Femi One, did a diss track titled ‘No king’ which allegedly was partly ‘dedicated’ to Femi One.


In her diss track ‘No king’ Njeri does not mention names but points at rappers in the industry;  broke, claiming titles yet don’t even write their own songs; there being very few femcees in Kenya and that’s why STL had to go show her love oversees and on and on. she does however mention the song ‘ligi so’ by Kaka Empire saying that who needs to be in ligi soo when youre chasing dollars. Well that all happened last year, what’s news is that Femi One has finally responded to Njeri; showing no mercy!


The video begins with an interview of Njeri (refered to in the diss track as pilau Njeri) acknowledging Femi one as one of the rappers in the industry whom she admires and grew up listening to (I know right?) then into the ‘rap ring’ comes Femi one, all fashionably dressed for a rap battle.

“… unaeza kalia kiti yangu briefly kama Bahati… Njeri jiekee ile maua yako ya snapchat, tuma reply im waiting uone niki clap back, alafu unione mtaa chipo mwitu na snap back, munaniona less ju huwa na do more… wacha vire atukuerewi, hii ni fluent, so manager wako alicall wangu tafadhali collabo, trash music, Njeri wewe bado…”

Listen here

Femi also took hits at other female rappers such as Noti flow Kush Tracey and Sossun

Njeri has however  refuted the claims that the track ‘No king’ was targeting Femi one she says it was addressing all Kenyan rappers in general but adding that “if the shoe fits…” She further on stated that she does not plan to reply to Pilau Njeri anytime soon.

Let’s wait and see what this stir will cause.





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