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  • Would You Pay Ksh. 2500 To Watch P-Unit?

If your answer to that question was NO, then this article is for you!

When Wizkid performed in the 254 last year, the cheapest tickets went for Kshs. 1500. Davido performs at the Carnivore next weekend, and the cheapest tickets you can get now are Kshs. 2500. And thousands of people will turn up for that event!

But if the show was headlined by a local act (say, P-Unit), how many of us would be willing to part with that kind of cash?

Well that’s how much P-Unit fans in Dubai will be paying for tickets to attend Industry Nite on the 26th of March. The hit-making trio will perform at Domeland in Al Nasr, and the tickets are going for 100 dirham (that’s Kshs. 2500).

It’s a shame that our acts make more money from shows away from home!

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