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  • Why Nyashinki’s Team Had Gospel Rapper Maluda’s ‘Refix’ Pulled Down

Remix: A variant of an original recording (as of a song) made by rearranging or adding to the original.

Refix: (term coined by electro/house producer Chew Fu,) A Refix is different from a remix because it is “fixing” a song, to take it to another style.

Cover: a new performance or recording of a previously recorded, commercially released song by someone other than the original artist or composer.


His has undoubtedly been the biggest comeback! Nyashinski pretty much fulfilled every girl’s ‘Cleptomaniacs’ fantasy (mine included) when he returned after a long hiatus for a brief feature on a Nameless single.

After that, came his full blown comeback which started off with ‘Now You Know’ and before the dust had settled from that release, came an even bigger jam, ‘Mungu Pekee’.

Click HERE to see just what we mean by BIG!

Now all the while, on a totally different side of town, was Gospel rapper and Groove Award’s Hip Hop artist of the year Maluda who decided to do a ‘Refix’ of ‘Mungu Pekee’.

You might know Maluda as the christian rapper who famously featured Khaligraph Jones on a joint.

Maluda who has had over 10 years on the gospel music scene cited being a huge fan of Nyashinski and loved his ‘Mungu Pekee’ single so much he went and did a ‘Refix’ of it.

His refix which was since pulled down from YouTube garnered quite the reaction online, with most of it (in his words) being positive, which was why he was shocked to find that it was reported and then later pulled down.

So who reported it and more importantly why?

We did our research and Nyashinki’s management admit to having done it.

Fakii Liwali who is a name synonymous with plenty of successful artists in our music industry (Wyre being one), opened up to us about the issue via an exclusive phone-call.

He explained that while neither Nyashinski or his team have an issue with the idea of a remix, it’s that there was no official contact prior to the refix getting done and released.

Maluda is famous for bridging the gap between gospel music and the ‘secular’ industry something that drew a lot of controversy but that turned out to be a success.

Click here for what appears to be a re-uploaded link to Maluda’s ‘Mungu Pekee’ Refix.

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