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  • My Fitness Journey – Brian Wandera

January is here and guess what ?It’s the month to tell your fitness stories.One thing for sure is a good number of fitness enthusiasts usually don’t want to look at themselves in mirror after the festive season.Reason being majority of them slack during this period.Worry not it’s a phase in many fitness enthusiasts stories.

Many of us fitness enthusiasts or those of us just beginning our fitness journeys find ourselves looking at the seemingly perfect, toned, taught models on social media, fitness mags, or even television and think “I wish”, “must be nice”, or “if only”. Very seldom do we consider the journey and efforts it took that individual to achieve that desirable physique. I am here to share my own personal journey on how I got to where I am today.

Growing up I wasn’t the biggest kid on the block.What gave me an edge I was very athletic and I would play with boys way older than me and still be competitive.As a kid I always got fascinated with the super hero animations and always wanted to be like them.The only thing I could do back then was play soccer and that was my first shot at fitness.During one of the holidays when we visited my grandparents I remember telling my grandpa to flex his bicep and his bicep peak really amazed me.Back then it really looked ‘huge’ and I remember telling my mom “nataka mkono kama ya kuka”and my mom replied “Ukikula itakuwa kubwa”

Coincidentally my eating habits at the time were so bad. I would skip meals most of the time playing football with my friends and when I got back home I would take juice and bread or tea and bread and that was it. It was so bad that at some point my mom had to hide the bread for me to eat proper meals.My mom’s words unknowingly gave me my first ever diet advice.I started eating well but as a kid you can hardly tell if you’re making gains.It wasn’t until when I joined high school that I made some gains in terms of height and weight.I stood at 5’8 and weighed 61kgs. Another advantage was I joined rugby and the training sessions played a big part in molding me fitness-wise.

By the time I was finishing high school I had made some significant steps. I stood at 6’0 inches and weighed 80kgs. This was just the beginning.November 20th 2011 is when I first stepped into a gym.Unlike most gyms, it had very basic equipment a bench press station, a squat rack and a leg press machine and a couple of plates here and there all made out of scrap metal.Despite the gym being sub-par I still made the most out of it and by May 2012 I weighed 92kgs.

September 2011                                                                                                                  May  2012                                                                                                                                                   

I yo-yoed between 92 and 96kgs for almost two years owing to fact that in season rugby training had a lot of running and cardiovascular exercises thus I would lose the little weight I gained during the off season.The good thing is I also became more knowledgeable and learnt more about other aspects of fitness.

August 2014                                                                                                                         November 2014

One of the most important aspects being diet. I developed the mindset food is meant to fuel your body.Supplements also came into the picture.Whey protein gold standard and celltech my go to supplements any day. I love this metaphor ‘you wouldn’t put regular fuel in a Ferrari”. In simple words you can’t expect to have that ‘perfect’ body and function at an optimum when you’re giving it crap.Give your body the best and it will look like the best.

It would be unrealistic for me to say I don’t have moments of insecurity. At times I find myself questioning my body, my efforts but I look back where I came from and it’s been worth it so far.Ups and downs are also part of the journey and I’ve had my fair share of them.

The last two years being the worst.Late 2016 I was admitted for almost two weeks because of an infected hernia.Unfortunately only the infection was treated since the hernia was hardly traceable which automatically meant it was just a matter of time before it went full blown.For almost a year I didn’t do much since I had so much difficulty working out and I lost a lot of my gains.Late last year the sad reality finally checked in and I had to undergo surgery to repair the hernia.Surprisingly despite all this I even look bigger than my previous versions when I was healthy and  injury free.

November 2017

At the end end of the day the most important thing is I’m healthy and injury free again.Can’t wait to continue the journey.

Photos courtesy of : Moses Maweu, Ministry of Rugby,Three Quarters Podcast

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