#MwalimuRachel: What you DON’T think can help your relationship.

Forget all the self help and relationship books you have read about what you need to do to make your relationship work. Here are some of the things you DON’T think can work for you and yours, but give it a shot and see what happens. (My Mpesa number will be at the bottom so feel free to show your appreciation.) Ok. Here we go:

1. Fight!

Let me set things straight before you call FIDA on me..lol. I am not talking WWE fight or verbal abuse. I am talking air out your issues which, let’s be honest, might be done in high tones and colorful words but hey, at least you saying them. Conflict is necessary in a relationship every once in a while. If you’re sitting there thinking your relationship is thee best because you and bae agree on EVERYTHING, think again. Just shows you are not being honest or you don’t care. Besides, that fight may end in making up, which, I have discovered leads to a great bonding experience (or even a child…so be careful! hahaha!)

2. Get jealous.

Ladies we do this effortlessly. Guys do it secretly. So don’t fight the feeling. Why? Because a lil jealousy never hurt nobody. If anything, it shows you care about bae strongly enough to want to know who’s texting him at 10pm. *Side eye* If he gets a little annoyed because someone else is talking to you in a sort of a flirting way? That shows he cares and is aware he could lose you and that is always a turn on right ladies?Hehehe…

3. Go MIA.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I have had to learn this the good old fashioned way. By experience. Nobody wants their partner to constantly call them asking them what they are doing; and even if right now the relationship is new and exciting and you are constantly chatting on WhatsApp? You better stop because you are killing the eagerness in the relationship. Save the talk and stories for when you meet up face to face! Have something to actually talk about over the weekend.

You also don’t have to see each other every day (unless you are living together…boy isn’t that a bummer…lol!Just kidding) Spending every waking moment together will only make you guys burn out faster and make you sick of each other before month four. Keep it new and exciting for as long as you can, leave a little mystery in the relationship.

4. Get your own friends.

Yes you!Get your own damn friends and do stuff together. It’s all good when his friends link up with your friends and then y’all become friends and chill out every weekend (somebody stop me coz I am on FIRE!) BUT spend time with your own friends and let him do the same with his. Ladies we are guilty of ditching our girls when we get a man and that has got to change.

5. Have different interests. 

Your bae doesn’t have to be doing all the things you love and vice versa. Having your own interests helps you continue to be your own person, rather than morphing into a “we”. It also helps each one of you have a different outlook in life which is a good conversation starter and who knows, you might introduce bae to something new she can take up.

Told you you will love me for these pointers. Use them and share your results.

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