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  • Legendary Feuds In Hip Hop

The number of feuds that have broken out between artists in Hip Hop are so numerous, it’s almost impossible to recount them all. Conflict and beef is a core part of the genre – adding to its spice, and elevating unknowns into the mainstream. It can rejuvenate a veteran – or in today’s social media heavy generation, create a whole new group of fans for a particular artist. Beef can bring out the best and the worst in hip hop at any one time – from its most tragic (Biggie vs Tupac) to one of the highlights of a decade (Jay Z vs Nas)

They might not be your most memorable, but here are just five of hip hop’s most legendary battles:

Tupac vs. Biggie

The most legendary feud between two giants. It ultimately led to their deaths.

Jay Z vs. Nas

Despite your allegiance, this was one of Hip Hop’s greatest feuds. Two rappers from New York, two emcees whose skills on the mic could barely be matched at the time, and two entertainers who had learned enough lessons from the past, to know when to quit.

50 Cent vs. Ja Rule

Still one of hip hop’s most talked about, for a burgeoning internet generation. Ja Rule was at the top of his game when this one started, but 50 Cent crushed him. Destroyed him.  Comical really.

Nas vs. Memphis Bleek

This feud set things up for one of the biggest battles in the history of rap. A back and forth between Nas and Jay Z’s apprentice Memphis Bleek

Common vs. Ice Cube

Two actors and rappers who eventually quashed their conflict and worked together. Common v Ice Cube had beef in the ’90s after Ice Cube perceived a lyric in Common’s 1994 classic “I Used to Love H.E.R.” as a diss.

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