KRU urged to send Rugby coaches to England

Australian Rugby legend David Campese has asked Kenya to send rugby coaches to England to learn how Northern Hemisphere rugby works.

Speaking at Impala Club where he was conducting a clinic with the Stanchart Impala Rugby Academy on Thursday, Campese says the southern hemisphere’s rugby  is different from Northern Hemisphere and It’s good to send someone and then they come back and can give information what they are doing in England.

““Kenya is very unique because they have got good backs, they wanna play a bit like Fiji but when it comes to technical part it’s very difficult so maybe send some guys, some young coaches to England get the experience so when they come back can add the value of this is what they do now, this what we have to do”

Campese’ talk comes a time Kenya Simbas in the road to qaulfiying for 2019 Rugby World Cup to be held in Japan where they have to beat the likes of 2015 World Cup participants Namibia.

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Eric Njiru

Homeboyz Radio Sports and Technology reporter.

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