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  • Kibera Talent Search Looking To Showcase Artistry

A new project in Kibera is looking to recognize the talents and creativity of young people, towards the progress of their community.
Dubbed the Kibera Talent Search and headed by the Human Needs Project, Kibera Town Center, young people with talent as varied as singing, rapping, poetry, dance are participating to reach the finals on the 31st of October.
HNP’s Juliet Mmbone spoke to HBR Lifestyle of what the opportunity will provide for youth in the community: “ We started this initiative to give a platform for the artist to expose their talents. We would like to connect them to educators, trainers, mentors, producers, record labels who are interested in scaling these artists who are … good but have no voice and no platform and no opportunity.”
The Human Needs project is one that dedicates itself to providing basic services within the community, through the creation of replicable, self sustaining town centers.
Kibera Town Center is HBNP’s first focus, and a concert will be held on the 21st of next month featuring all of the amazing talent taking part.
Ms. Mmbone continues: “we have a few mentors on board who are going to take the artists through mentor ship sessions including Juliani and Octopizzo. We are still getting people who are interested in this revolutionary change to participate however we still need producers who are willing to work with this artists.”
And the concert will not be the end for art in Kibera. Following the concert, there will be opportunities for young people to interact every Saturday at the Town Center, and display their talent and creativity in all forms.

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