KFCB Bans Beer Adverts Between 5am To 10pm

The Kenya Film and Classification Board says all audio visuals in the free to air radio and TV must be submitted to the board for classification and examination before airing.

Following the High Court rulling concerning advertisement by Justice Mativo on 12th May, the board directs all broadcasters and advertising agencies to pull out all beer, gambling and condom adverts from the screens by the end of the week.

Chief Executive Ezekiel Mutua says all advertisements will be rated as either suitable or unsuitable for watershed period.

The KFCB chair says the move is aimed at protecting the children from premature exposure to filthy content.

Starting tonight, Mutua says there will be no beer advert between 5am to 10pm and going against it will be in contravention of the law. He also added that if they have to enforce the law with the police, so be it.

This is after the High court judge Lady Justice Njuguna ruled in favor of the board that had challenged the move by Alcoholic Beverages Association of Kenya (ABAK) and Safaricom to halt the removal of adverts during the watershed period.



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