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  • #KenyaDecides: The Polling Process

The General Elections are finally here; in less than 24 hours Kenyans will be taking to the polls to vote in leadership ranging from President through to Member of the County Assembly.

Polls open at 6am tomorrow morning and close at 5pm across all polling stations. The IEBC has continued with its voter awareness program over the past weekend – the aim to ensure there are no spoilt ballots and to ensure a smooth process.

One of the most important parts of which entail ensuring that the ballot papers issued on Tuesday are stamped by the IEBC at the back, and each of the marked ballot papers is in the right box for the different elective seats.

The colors of the ballot box lids will have to coincide with those of your respective ballot papers for the various seats voted for.

Election materials had by yesterday evening reached the majority of regions across Kenya – more will continue to be disbursed today.

Materials will also be sent to the various polling stations from their respective centers.

The IEBC has been keen to insist that although there are a number of polling stations with poor transmission signals – namely 3G and 4G signals, this will mean a relative delay in the time to transmit results – but that Presiding officers will move to areas with greater network coverage.

To check that you are registered, 70000 is the only SMS query number  – send your passport or ID number to that short SMS code.

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