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  • Jon B: One Of RnB’s Silkiest Singers

And we don’t just mean his hair!

John B had soul – and was pretty fly for a white guy. Before Justin became the ‘Annointed’ following from his stint in the pseudo- RnB group N Sync, Jon B was everything.

His connection to one of the biggest producers at the time – Babyface – he had just what it took to get to the top of radio playlists across the world with hits such as “Someone to Love,” “They Don’t Know” and “Are U Still Down” (featuring Tupac Shakur).

He lost his way a little bit thanks in part to label mergers in the late 90’s and a poorly promoted album in 2004.

But he’s still working in music, as a producer and songwriter and yes. He’s still making music.

Jon B still has it. Hopefully he gets to show it off a little bit more.

Jon B – They Don’t Know

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