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  • J Hus Is Back On #ROTW With ‘Bouff Daddy’ Remix

The fact that it was already a ROTW (Record of the Week) should already tell you that it was a certified hit. So imagine how much better this remix is.

J Hus has quite simply cemented his name as one of our generation’s top emcees and from his award winning debut album ‘Common Sense’, came ‘Bouff Daddy’ a jam about this UK rapper’s journey to the top.

‘Bouff’ is actually urban slang for money…. inĀ  case you were wondering.

While the highly acclaimed single (much like the album) was already doing well on charts, it’ll be staying on the airwaves a lot longer now, thanks to this Popcaan featured remix!

Nothing like that island flavor to guarantee massive success with a single, especially at the clubs.

Popcaan whose success in music only got more pronounced after working alongside Drake on their single ‘Controlla’ is also no stranger to ROTW, having featured several times in the past himself and needless to say, his addition to J Hus’s ‘Bouff Daddy’ only makes for an enjoyable three minutes.

This ‘Bouff Daddy’ collaboration was put together by Dre Skull, a Brooklyn based music producer known for creatively connecting the dots between various elements of urban underground music and culture.

Well we have a new ROTW thanks to Dre Skull. Here, have a listen…


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