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  • Itty Bitty Fashion Tips You Might Just Need.

  1. Adhesive Bras

When wearing any backless top or a halter top, it’s tedious to try and search for the right bra that will hold up your girls whilst not showing, to give you that “they’re naturally like this” feel/look. Adhesive bras do just the trick and you can get an abundance of them online.

  1. Go Hands Free

Sometimes, you’re getting ready to leave the house so you pick up your things and stare at yourself in the mirror. But something just does not feel right! Maybe it’s the bulky briefcase you’re hauling around called your handbag. If you can’t find a small, cute bag that goes with your outfit, just go hands free and carry what you’re sure you will need…especially if you’re going on a night out or a date. Being hands free makes your outfit stand out as that is where all the attention is.

  1. Scarfs solve problems

If you feel like your outfit is a little too plain, or maybe the shirt doesn’t quite complement what you have paired it with, simply throw on a scarf that matches whatever is underneath eg. your skirt or trousers.

  1. Big Busts + Short Girls = Empire waists

It can get pretty difficult being a lady with a big bust but is also petite, i.e you’re under 5’4, however, for such body types, empire waists go a long way. The concept of an empire waist is garments with a fitted bodice that end below the bust- you can even create  this look yourself by pairing a fitted shirt with a long skirt that is worn directly under your bust.

  1. Less is more…NOT!!

When it comes to fashion, the phrase “less means more” applies very loosely…unless of course you are talking about make-up. There are times when all it takes to make your outfit come together is to layer up, but layer up correctly. Pairing up a plaid shirt with a full-length jean jacket will not do you any favours in terms of improving your outfit.  

  1. Your zipper won’t stay up? No problem. There’s a fix for that.

Whether the issue is that your jeans are too tight, or it’s that pair of jeans from toi that always has an issue with the zip, all you need is a keychain ring and you can fix that. Simply attach the keychain ring to the zip and then attach the other end of the ring to your button. Your zipper will no longer slide down and embarrass you in public.

  1. Pair your outfit with a short blazer for that snatched waistline look.

For when you are in the mood to show of your waistline, it’s always easier to throw on a short blazer over your outfit, that will allow you to achieve that “snatched waistline.”   

  1. Overdress! Overdress! Overdress!

When you’re headed somewhere new and you are not familiar with the dress code, it’s always better to overdress and make yourself look good because the last thing you want is to show up looking a little sub-par. You would rather be the bell of the ball than look like the one person who did not get the memo on the dress code.

  1. Feel it. Be it

This works both ways, if you feel great, you’ll look great. If you feel uncomfortable in what you’re wearing…high chance you look uncomfortable in it too.


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