It’s PnB Rock’s Second Feature On #ROTW & It’s Thanks to YFN Lucci

Record of the Week

#ROTW Record of the Week

Homeboyz Radio’s chosen feature track that plays out every day of the week on every show as the week’s biggest banger.

The last time we had PnB Rock on a record of the week, it was on his very own jam ‘Selfish’ and he has returned, as a feature on YFN Lucci’s ‘Everyday We Lit’.

The track which is off of YFN’s mix-tape ‘Long Live Nut’, is a good feel summer time jam that’s an appropriate celebration of the massive success this artist has had with that mix-tape.

With  a video that embraces all there is to love about the summer (not that we have any other season besides that here in Kenya), that it’s hard not to love it and not to make it a weekend or holiday anthem.

Here’s the video and if you wait to scroll past it, you will find the jam’s lyrics posted below as well.

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Rae Kiragu
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Rae Kiragu

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Rae Kiragu
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