Is Cars 3 Too Adult For Pixar?

How often does pixar kill off their main character in movies? Pixar is notorious for scarring it’s audience emotionally and forcing the parents to have the death talk with their children. From killing off someone’s soulmate in the first ten minutes of up to almost all of the toys being burned alive in toy store 3, they have taken the depression dial up a notch in Cars 3. 

We’re not really sure if Lightning Mc Queen, the main character of Cars, really dies but from the trailer we can tell that things are about to get really dark. The animation for the cars is a lot more lifelike than we saw back in the original 2006 offering, and that was pretty darn good at the time. 

To summarize the trailer, if Mc Queen was a human being, he would have his limbs torn off, his back broken and pieces of him flying around all while lit up in flames so, good luck explaining that drastic scene to a eight year old.

Still, don’t we just love Pixar!

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