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  • Invasion Of Privacy

After Bodak yellow majority of critics thought that would be it for Cardi B. Fast forward and barely a year later she’s dropped her debut album and it’s raising a lot of dust. She’s slowly curving herself on the upper echelons of the hip hop world. In my opinion she can now be spoken of in same breath with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Lauryn Hill, Remy Ma and many others. A magnificent debut album that fuses vulnerability, sexual voraciousness, paranoia and party music shows the rapper is capable of far more than punchy put-downs. In an age of slurred mumble-rap and sing-song delivery, there’s an old-school satisfaction in hearing someone deliver their bars with such, well, finesse. There’s even a touch of Biggie to the way she balances a thick local accent with absolute clarity and perfectly weighted meter, but her way of drawing out vowels before slamming them into teeth-kissing consonants is all her own. Clearly, she’s here to stay and the tide is slowly moving from Nicki Minaj to her.

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