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  • Incredible Pictures (and Video) Of The Shape Shifting Building!

All across the world, architecture is constantly evolving to become more and more innovative and seemingly mind blowing.

abu dabi dubai insane-building-22 Insane Building insane-building-19

That ever rising bar is constantly setting higher and higher limits as demonstrated by this Shanghai building, dubbed by multiple sites as a ‘kinetic’ building.


bund-finance-centre-norman-foster-heatherwick-laurian-ghinitoiu-shanghai-photography_dezeen_1704_col_18 bund-finance-centre-norman-foster-heatherwick-laurian-ghinitoiu-shanghai-photography_dezeen_1704_col_15 bund-finance-centre-norman-foster-heatherwick-laurian-ghinitoiu-shanghai-photography_dezeen_1704_col_10

The just completed work of art created by Foster + Partner and Heatherwick Studio is said to be a finance center that will also house restaurants and a cultural hub and is most notable for its curtain-like facade of bronze tubes that get this, move!

Check it out!


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