How To (Nicely) Tell Bae He/She Is Fat

Bae is getting fat and you have no idea how to tell them it’s about time they start exercising? Well, fret not. Here are a few tips on how you could tell them without hurting their feelings or worse yet, getting dumped.

Make it a “We” problem

How you approach this very sensitive topic is crucial on how your partner will react. Approaching it in a “we need to work out more” or “We need to start eating healthy” kind of manner will get a more positive feedback. Going with an accusatory “you” will just make you look like a d*#!

Focus on health as opposed to physical attributes

Sure, bae gaining weight has sort of made his/her sex appeal to drop which is frustrating. If you truly care about your partner, try and focus on the health risks that come with weight gain. Pointing out on how their physical attributes have changed will only lower their self esteem and make them repulsive to changing their lifestyle.

Create a reference point

Find a subtle way to bring your partner’s current health issues to light. An old photo or video is a great way for your better half to see how far his or her fitness has fallen. This way, he/she will be able to see that they need to make a change and thus eating healthy or working out will be out of their own will.

Help find a meaningful goal

Now that you have made it a “we” thing, you need to sit down with your partner and set realistic health and fitness goals. While at it, be sure to remember that just because you are so amped about it doesn’t mean bae is too. Help your partner create inner motivation by pinning down a goal that has personal meaning like rocking a certain dress in a certain period of time.

Make it a together thing

In the first few days or weeks, your partner may still be reluctant about changing their diet or working out. Be sure to spend some time training side-by-side or even going grocery shopping together. This way, he/she will feel motivated to live a healthier life and you will also be drawn closer together.

Make it fun

We don’t share the same interests. While you’re out getting bae to do certain exercises, be sure to include exercises that he/she may enjoy too. Go for dance classes together or play a game that both of you enjoy. This way, you partner will be exercising without feeling like they are actually working out.



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