Grime Beef : Tinie Tempah and Chip’s Long Running Feud Explained

Tinie Tempah and Chip have been feuding for what must now be close to four years. 

It reportedly (because there have been disputes over just when it began) started back in January of 2014 when in a freestyle, Tinie Tempah referenced Chip’s past Sony record deal and his ‘Pizza Boy’ collaboration with Meek Mill by saying, 

“Rappers get a bunch of fame and then embarrass themselves/ They hire a bunch of managers, can’t even manage themselves” and “Left the Pizza Boys who thought I wouldn’t deliver again/ You say you’re going to be around, let’s see who is in the end.”

A year later, Chip who had been in the US working with T.I and his Hustle Gang responded by dissecting Tinie’s freestyle, calling it a diss track to every UK artist without a record deal. 

Tinie’s response was to apparently sip some tea as depicted in an an instragram post of his.

Chip then dropped a freestyle while on a Capital Xtra radio show (The Notre Show) where he went all out at Tinie responded to his earlier freestyle with lines that say…

“You n*ggas can’t get rid of me/ Its Pizza Boy and trust me I’ve got a delivery/ I’ve got slices for superstars and their egos/ and slices for new rappers looking through the peep hole”

What happened next, was that artists and deejays took Tinie’s side and even still, Chip was quick to serve them a diss too releasing ‘Pepper Riddim’ which included the not so subtle lyric,

“Why you breading man that don’t bring you?/ you better mind what you get yourself into,”.

As a return to that, Tinie who’d brought on heavyweights Stormzy and Bugzy Malone for a Grime track called ‘Peak’ called Chip out for being ‘jealous’ of his success rapping, 

“Rudeboy you haven’t got a part in the legacy/ you ain’t a star because you’re heart’s full of jealousy/ pagan mandem, tell Sloth that I don’t rate them mandem/ Satan brang them.”

Tinie also spoke out via an interview on Capital Xtra to say he thought Chip may have been dissing him as a promo to a new project of his saying, 

“I just thought it was funny how all this stuff happened and then there was stuff coming out, it’s just a bit strange to me.”

If you’re still following this then go on and pull up a chair and some popcorn because the drama continues!!

After Tinie’s ‘Peak’, Chip dropped a diss over a renown JME classic Grime instrumental and called the jam ’96 bars of revenge’. By this time, Chip had also clashed with Grime icon Bugzy Malone and on this track he talked about not knowing why Tinie had dissed him in the first place rapping, 

“He mentioned Pizza Boy, I still don’t understand why he did it/ He doesn’t want lyrics for lyrics/ Deep down he’s more Wifey Riddim”.

Things then quickly became personal with Tinie picking on Chip for losing a record deal with Sony with bars that said, 

“Ask Sony why they dropped the potato…. If them man are pagans, then I got a halo/ Better than me? go and then say so/ you ain’t Dizzee or Will or Kano.”

Yup. And the heat continued. Those lyrics were part of Tinie’s October 2015 mixtape and it inspired one of the fastest diss replies in music history.

Less than 24 hours from that, outside of his show, Chip surprised his fans with a comeback to that saying, 

“In your book you said how I inspired you like Dizzee or Kano/ And now its 2015 I’m Mr Potato? No Dizzee or Kano?”

The book he was referring to was Tinie’s autobiography and to that, Tinie laughed off the diss saying in an interview that the beef was really only helping him get number ones.

“Chip is doing so much promo for me, every time he says my name I’m getting No. 1s!”

Now whether or not that was true, Chip’s comeback was to reference the autobiography once more posting this pic.



Tinie went quiet after that choosing to focus on getting his ‘Junk Food’ mixtape done but resurfaced later tagging Chip on a twitter post that sarcastically asked him to help him by retweet that and Chip’s witty response was to ask him to instead repost a diss track of his.

Chip later criticised Tinie for dissing underground rappers only to later work with them and did not take too well to when Kanye performed with Grime acts at the Brit Awards and Tinie saying that he hoped Mr. West gave them all free Yeezy sneakers.


Imagine that. That’s the basic rundown to what is one of Grime music’s most prolific beefs. We’ll spotlight a few more as the week moves on #GrimeWeekHBR.


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