5 Hard Truths About Exercise Nobody Wants To Believe

If you feel like you’ve been killing it in the gym but you are yet to see any results, you probably are doing something wrong.

There are a few realities you need to know about exercising so you don’t end up giving up or hurting your body in the end. Some may be hard to hear but just read through. 

Working out+poor diet=No results

You really are wasting your time if you wake up and work out an hour or two a day but still eat your usual junk food. Your diet and exercising go hand in hand.  Watch your diet, consumer fewer calories than you burn, and exercise with a combination of cardio and strength training. 

Not every movement acts as exercise

Here’s a fact, if your activity does not last at least 10 continuous minutes, then it does not count as true exercise. The whole point of exercising is so that your heart rate is elevated enough to burn those calories and fats. If you count all the movements and “activities” you do as exercise enough for you to lose weight then you’re just fooling yourself.

You will not always be excited about working out

Let nobody fool you that they are always excited when hitting the gym. We all have our bad days and the worst past is working out will always feel hard. Yes it might get easier over time, but it will never be easy otherwise it wouldn’t be exercising after all. Find ways to motivate yourself and consistently improve to get the results you want. which brings me to the next truth.

Doing the same exercises with the same intensity doesn’t cut it

Routine is the exercise enemy. You need to change up your workouts every week in order to get the best results. Don’t let your workouts become stale, and don’t let your muscles get too conditioned to doing the same old thing. Keeping track of your workouts can be quite helpful in helping you progress in your workouts. Add more sets and weight each week and your body will get better.

You have to do it forever

You may be exercising to lose weight, look fit, improve your health, whatever your reason is, you’re only going to reach and maintain that result if you continue exercising even after you’ve reached your goal. The benefits of exercise are quickly lost, no wonder it’s best to find a way to make your work outs enjoyable so you can be consistent.

By Terry Febrey



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