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  • H_art The Band’s Compelling New Jam ‘Think’ (Video)

They’re the perfect blend of humor, relate-able lyrics and dance-able hits.

Don’t know how they do it but H_art the band have curved their position as artists of every season and they today released their most compelling jam yet called ‘Think’.

The single which was teased via a series of Instagram LIVE videos speaks to the Kenyan people about elections and provides a great description of how the common man gets caught in political games, hence the need to think!

This new 3 minute something jam which is complete with video is done entirely in a spoken word format and interestingly by Mordecai and not Chira who is the one more synonymous with the genre.

It’s definitely got an agreeable and great message (cause it is important to think hard before we vote) and it’s also got a simplistic but beautiful video in comparison to what we know them for.

H_art the band released the single interestingly at 4:20pm (not sure why) today and while it already has over a thousand views in the few hours it’s been up, will you fall in love with this one?… See what you think.

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