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  • G Money Schools People Once Again

Now if you’ve heard this week’s ROTW London Town – Mr Eazi Featuring Giggs [embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j68223GPWCM[/embedyt]  you definitely know what I’m talking about, earlier on today G Money (Host of GMITM) took it upon himself to educate the masses on a line that Mr Eazi dropped and left many confused but Uncle G said “worry not brethren, i will bestow unto you the knowledge that was bestowed unto me” 


The line in context “Man try take Eazi for chihuahua” is generally meant to mean that Mr Eazi is a big deal in this music industry but some people take him for a small deal like a chihuahua (a small dog) of which he is not.

He later took to twitter to say this…


Did you know it had a deeper meaning other than just rhymes to a song? or were you schooled today morning? Hit me up, lets get talking 

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