Four Essentials To Consider When Starting Your Fitness Journey

Written by Brian Wandera

The moment the idea of living a healthy and fit life crosses your mind, there are some key pointers you have to carry in your bag as you set off for this journey. Like most success stories the start is usually the toughest. Once a good foundation is built the rest of the journey is just shifting gears and cruising.


First and foremost you must know your body type for you to be able to come up with a workout regimen that is suitable for your body type.

There are basically three body types: ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs but it’s very rare find an individual who’s only one type. Most often than not it’s usually a combination of two.



They’re the most disadvantaged body type owing to the fact they are usually skinny,  lanky and struggle to gain muscle. Famously called the 1gbs among ladies.


They are usually big with high body fat and easily store fat.


These are the luckiest of this lot in the sense that, their bodies are near ‘perfect’ with very little effort. Easily gain muscle and have a high metabolism. Without a doubt they’re the most athletic.


Once you’ve known your body type the next important part of your fitness journey is your the diet. A good diet gives makes you shift gears faster and also enables you stay in shape. For instance an ectomorph’s diet will have more carbohydrates and proteins to aid in muscle gain. An endomorph the carbohydrates are cut since the more the carbohydrates the more they get fat


You can’t feed a lion on grass. Your trainer should come up with a workout routine that is suitable for your body type. For example an endomorph will have to do more high intensity training to burn fat whereas an ectomorph has to do more weight training to gain weight if the goal is to gain weight. A mesomorph can oscillate in between those regimens. In short the regimens should be goal specific.


 The anchor of everything is discipline in your journey. This is where you have to choose between having too many cheat meals or following your diet attending all your required sessions or skiving? Without discipline the journey is pointless.


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