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  • Forget Movember Time To #DoItLikeADude!

For years, the fight against prostate cancer has predominantly been a male affair, hence the ‘No Shave November’ campaign.

While that has in itself been an effective campaign, Homeboyz Radio is changing the game by making the fight against prostate cancer, a FEMALE affair as well.

I mean after all, women ARE the best conversation starters and they are the un-official rulers of this generation’s ‘Social Media Kingdom’.

So, this November, the Homeboyz Radio digital team presents to you…. #DoItLikeADude.

Ladies, it’s time to show the guys how it’s done!

That’s right! From Snap-backs to Sneakers, to neckties and baggy jeans, to mean mugs and poses.

Submit a photo or video of yourself ‘doing it like a dude’, tag @homeboyzradio and @eddahs_hope on Instagram and stand by to win an exclusive photo-shoot by photographer extraordinaire, ‘A Kenyan Story’.

What’s more, join HBR’s fight against prostate cancer by purchasing a limited edition hoodie available exclusively on the HBR app merchandise store!

This limited edition hoodie is available this month ONLY and all proceeds go to the Cancer Soldiers Foundation so HURRY and get yourself one!

You could also join the fight by signing up as #cancersoldiers on the website and Donating to the organization programs through Mpesa Paybill No. 892222  Acc. No. Like A Dude


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