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  • Fit Tuesday: 5 Types Of People I’ve Encountered At The Gym


Being a frequent gym goer I’ve encountered a host of characters in the gym over the years. Here are five types of people I’ve come across:

The Gym ‘Bro’

This is the guy who ‘knows’ everything. Most often than not he usually has an answer to everything concerning the gym. Funny enough all this ‘knowledge’ just comes after a couple months experience in the gym.The sad thing is 80% of the time the information he gives is usually false.

What makes their brains balloon is the sheer increase in their arm size and they feel like they’re on top of the world.

Word of advice, just avoid them.

The Social Butterfly

From an individual perspective this is the character I’ve encountered the most. Out of their 45 minute workout, 37 minutes are used for story time. Probably talking of the movie they watched the previous night or the latest neighborhood gossip.

Best way to deal with this group just put your earphones on to avoid their distraction. For whatever reason they have the sweetest mouths and if you’re not careful you’ll find yourself deep in their story pit holes in an instant.

What are you doing?Guy or girl

Have you ever tried to search for funny gym videos on YouTube? These group of people fill the highlights reel in the gym. 90% of the time they’ll leave your ribs cracking and the question ‘what workout is this’.

Word of advice help if you know what is supposed to be done.

The Gear master

These are the flashy looking people in the gym usually kitted from top to bottom. Most often either Adidas or Nike from head to toe. By all accounts this is the way to go. The issue is that some of them spend more money on their gym attire than their gym membership. The number of times they have gym sessions is countable.

Word of advice try to balance.

The Skunk

No offense but majority are guys. You’ll most likely be moving to your next station then walk past this guy on the squat machine and good lord! The smell of this guys’ sweat? You can easily choke if you stand there any longer hence the name skunk.

Definitely the most disgusting gym goers. Please wear some roll-on when going to the gym.

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