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  • Fetty Wap Reveals Jhene Aiko Collaboration

How hot is this collabo going to be. Fetty Wap is going to drop another big tune featuring another big star, Jhene Aiko, after his collaboration with Nicki Minaj on ‘Like a star’. 

Speaking to Billboard, Zoovier announced that the song is on the way and it’s “fire.” “I sent her a song and made it specifically for her to feature on,” he said. “When she heard the song, she was like, ‘The song is fire. It’s hot. We gon’ rock with it.’ She did it. She took her time on it. She did what she did and it’s fire. I’m just excited because it’s my first time working with big artists.”

Speaking about him working with Nicki on the track ‘Like A Star’  he said, “I was really beasting for her to get on the song [‘Like a Star’],” he said. “I ain’t really want nobody else on the song but her. I really didn’t make the song for myself. I just made the song to see if she liked the song, and have somebody else do the song with her. I ain’t really the reggae-sounding artist, so for me to jump in that lane, it was different for me.”

Both tracks are expected to appear on King Zoo, the follow-up to Fetty’s self-titled 2015 debut. “This album is more like a love story album. That’s what people know me for. I make a lot of songs for females. A lot of stuff that I be going through, I just put it in my music. It’s gonna be some good songs and there’s gonna be some different songs. It’s all the Fetty Wap sound.”

King Zoo has no release date but is expected to drop this year.

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